Flightdeck Air Combat Center, Anaheim, California

1650 S Sinclair St, Anaheim, California 92806

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The minimum age is 11 and the minimum height is 4' 11''. Reservations are required.

Address: 1650 S Sinclair St, Anaheim, California 92806

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Phone: 714-937-1511
URL: http://www.flightdeck1.com/
Hours: Tue-Sun 11:30 am - 8:30 pm. Reservations required. More Info
Price: Adults (11+): $69. Packages and courses vary. For more details, check prices. More Info

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Submitted by: Chris G.

We just had our company Christmas party at Flight deck, and My staff had a great time !!! The new facility was just finished and easily accomodated our 50 guests,the recomendation of Jay's catering was on the spot, good food, delivered on time. The staff made pilots out of all our non flying guests, from employees to their spouses and kids as well !!! The ultimate video game, with memories of pictures in flight gear.....The dog fights went from F16 with Missiles to A10's with guns...Land on an aircraft carrier or just fly around and do aerobatics as I did most of the time.... This was a great value and allowed a unique experience for all to enjoy. Highly recommended !    Chris Granger, President. Wheel Wareh...

Submitted by: Peter W.

I've always been a in love with fighters since I was a kid with the help of "Topgun" and "The Final Countdown"  been playing around with model planes all the way to computer sims to be apart of the action. When I heard about this place, I knew I had to visit it and pay some respects.  I was in town for some business, and though I didn't make a reservation early, I called last minute and they were very friendly to get me in. I have to say, from walking into the facility to sitting into the mock cockpit, the feeling and immersion that the staff at flightdeck provide is so awesome.  The price paid for the immersion and the feeling of being a fighter pilot is well worth the money and time spent here. The program...

Submitted by: Donald S.

"Golden Badger 01 is cleared for takeoff, vertical departure approved"..."roger, Golden Badger 01 is rolling". Brakes off, zone five selected. "V1"..."Rotate"..."V2" I pulled the nose of my trusty F-16 Falcon (Block 52) into a vertical climb and rolled out into an 8g left 'burner turn at 10,000 feet to engage all the targets showing on my radar, selected AIM 9 Sidewinders and listened for the telltale "growl" as the heat-seeking missiles locked up their targets. "Fox 1"..."Fox 2"...I watched as the missiles left the rails and moments later, as two puffs of black smoke marked the end of two of my adversaries! And just as quickly saw "WARN" pop up on my heads up display (HUD) just before all the avionics went ...

Submitted by: Tony L.

Being a avid fan of flight sims as a kid and always loved TOP GUN who wouldn't want to live out their fantasy of air two air combat in the safety of your own cockpit? We got a coupon from a dealperk offer so why not! This place was alittle difficult to find since the sign was hard to see from the road. Just lookout for the big US flag hanging by the door. Upon entered we were greeted by the super friendly staff asking us to fill out a quick preregistration form. Then we were ushered inside to get suited up with the rest of our group. Our group was being lead by staffer call sign "Gums" cause he talks alot? lol. After a quick briefing in the training room on how to operate the controls we all got assigned int...

Submitted by: Jaqueline Y.

Came here tonight with the boyfriend as a belated Valentine's gift. He LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Ladies, if your guy is a plane fanatic/gamer, this place is a DEFINITE must. He will love you for bringing him here! We got there about 10 minutes early and sat in the lobby. There were some dads in there watching their kids on the 8 screens they have in there. When the previous group finished up, we suited up and started our 10-15 min briefing. After the briefing, we climbed into our cockpits and had a 10 minute practice run. The practice run was definitely helpful before the actual dogfight! The workers there were really nice and talked us through the whole thing; you wear a headset/mic that lets you communicate wi...

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