Fort San Felipe del Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico

1 Calle Del Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

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The fort is a great place to fly a kite (in late March there's even a kite-flying festival at the fort), so purchase one in town and bring it along.

Address: 1 Calle Del Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

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Phone: 787-729-6777
Hours: Mon-Sun 9 am - 6 pm. Closed New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. More Info
Price: Adults (16+): $3; Children under 16: Free More Info

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Submitted by: Johnny T.

Sometimes you need to step outside of yourself and realize that there's more to life (and the universe) than just *you.* I find this is best accomplished when faced with moments of sheer joy and beauty. Taking a walk around El Morro is one of these times. It's awe-inspiring to walk these grounds and ponder just how long it's been here. It's pretty incredible to stroll about the rocky crevices and think who's been there before you, what happened on this very step... and what's to come in the future. It will put a smile on your face to see children running with pure abandon -- giggling all the while -- in an effort to build up enough speed to make their kites take flight... only to have their mother or father ...

Submitted by: Martin R.

Were you the kind of kid that grew up building forts, and begging your parents to take you to real forts to play hide and seek with your brother, only to come running back to them because you thought the Magazine was haunted? (If you thought I just referenced a book full of fashion probably don't need to keep reading)  If so, This is the place for you. I am a total fort junkie.  From simple earthworks of early North American Colonization, to the walls of Old Quebec City, my imagination runs wild.  El Morro has to be one of the most dramatic, complex, and accessible forts I have visited. If not just to take in the views of the bay, shore, and OSJ, or to really dive into the history to understand the...

Submitted by: Carolyn J.

Must see. Amazing views. Interesting history. This place is so massive. Run around like a little kid exploring every dark corner and winding stairways. There's some scary spots, but if you're brave, I dare you to pass go! Leaves you wondering how we ever buil...

Submitted by: John W.

I remember going here many times as a kid. Now I will be taking my son here. Also going to El Yungue to hike and explore!!! Where is the suggestion page in here n/e wayz? This ...

Submitted by: Carla B.

Fly a kite and have a picnic in the huge green areas surrounding the fort; go inside the fort and learn a bit of history; take a pic in one of the garitas that face the open sea; share a romantic sunset and kiss under the stars.   It's a very special place.  Holds many great childhood memories for many Puerto Ricans.   :-) -----------------------------------En Puertorro, ahora---------------------------------- Volar una chiringa (cometa); hacer un picnic en las enormes áreas verdes que roden el castillo; ir dentro del castillo y ponerse al día con un pedazo de historia; tomarse una foto frente a la garita que da hacia el mar; y compartir un atardecer romántico y un beso bajo las estrellas son varias cosas qu...

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