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Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, Massachusetts

1 Franklin Park Rd, Boston, Massachusetts

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Fun Urban Zoo in Boston

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Submitted by: Lynn J.

5 STARS for animal interaction!  It's just a glass wall between you and gorrillas, tigers, and a lion!  NOTE: It's the ONLY ZOO in the North East that has gorillas...and a baby born 11/2011...*smile*. 3...

Submitted by: Elizabeth K.

Cute zoo. Very Clean. Beautiful animals. (At the time lots of new baby animals as well) I would give the zoo 2.5 stars if I could and the only reason I would knock it down is because the workers there look like they hate their job. Smile, be friendly, tell me about the animals. That is what is really holding t...

Submitted by: Kim P.

After visiting yesterday for the first time ever (and that's with being in Boston for upwards of a decade), I've decided to support my local zoo and become a member. I admire this zoo for what it provides: interesting exhibits, some of the usual animals (giraffes, lions, tigers), and the fact that kids who read about animals can see them up close(ish for some). I visited with my nephew and my sister, who had a great time. That's the way to visit: with kids, and then you realize that despite being under-resourced, a place such as this matters and needs public support. It was amazingly hot and when we were walking through the parking lot I was worried it would be crowded, but the zoo is so big that I never fel...

Submitted by: Steve S.

Went here with my girlfriend this weekend and we actually had a pretty enjoyable time. I hadn't been to a zoo since i was in elementary school, so it's good to see different animals from around the world. For a decent sized zoo in Boston, it wasn't too bad. They had a pretty wide selection of animals (and bugs) but it was hard to see some of the animals. The male lion was sleeping/sunbathing on its pride rock, and the female lion was nowhere to be found. The two tigers were barely visible as they were lying down in the grass. But gorillas area was actually pretty cool. They walk around and get pretty close to you (you're behind a window), and you even get to see a little baby gorilla hanging onto the back of...

Submitted by: M M.

I really like this zoo! It's spacious, and has a lot of animals and things to do for kids. My daughter got to feed the birds and it was adorable, they all flew over to her (very small birds) and landed on a feeding stick we bought for her. She loved...

Submitted by: Brooke S.

Other than not being able to see the giraffes/kangaroos (because it was too cold out), I had an enjoyable time here. While the park is small, the viewing windows to the exhibits were well-placed and we were able to see clear and close views of the big cats, gorilla (with the new ba...

Submitted by: Erin H.

I enjoy going to the Franklin Park Zoo..and so does my family :) This place has a wide variety of animals, and even a butterfly garden and a little petting zoo/barn type of thing! It is very large and the last time I was there they were filming a movie!! The majority of the aminals do not look miserable at all, and for a Zoo in a very small city (NOT TO MENTION IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GHETTO) I think they did a very good job giving them the space they have. Yes some of the aminals don't look to pleased, but what animal is really getting pleasure out of being gawked at by a bunch of stupid humans :p This Zoo is certainly worth a visit, as it is inexpensive, in the city, never really too crowded, and big enough t...

Submitted by: Emily D.

OK. this may not be the best zoo but it's a pretty decent one I think. There's plenty too see and fun areas for kids to run and play. There are lots of animals to see and you feel so close to them. I do have some complaints, like the smell in certain areas but it's a ...

Submitted by: Erica D.

FPZ is by far the best zoo in the city of Boston and dare I say the entire metro Boston area (although, it will be inevitably the only zoo once Stone Zoo is legally forbidden from calling itself a 'zoo'). Highlights included: zebras, a lion whose roar echoes halfway to JP, a giraffe family, a condor and flamingos, who were embroiled in some serious old school Jerry Springer style fighting. I'm talking about full on in-your-face, neck waving squawking, stomping and pecking. My advice for a good FPZ adventure: (1) Going to Dorchester isn't a big deal. If you really want to congratulate yourself for doing something gutsy and dangerous, stick your hand in the tiger habitat. (2) Check your local library for passe...


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