Fun Spot Action Park, Orlando, Florida

5700 Fun Spot Way, Orlando, Florida 32819

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Address: 5700 Fun Spot Way, Orlando, Florida 32819

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Phone: 407-363-3867
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5 STAR Family Fun for ALL AGES!! A Must see

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Go early if you like less crowds.

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Submitted by: Beth W.

My son was soaked after riding the Bumper Boats more than a half a dozen time so we threw him on the Paratrooper twice and he was good as new.  Multiple go-kart tracks with single and double passenger karts, some of which are multi level.  Here's a tip: use a double kart, have one person press gas and other person steer...we (the adults) got a kic...

Submitted by: Jessica N.

Fun Spot is some where I sincerely hope I never have the misfortune to come across again. We went on a Friday night. It was very busy. We got wristbands for 4.95 so that we could play unlimited games upstairs. The games downstairs require tokens. Half of the unlimited games do not even work. Some of the TV screens have terrible lighting and messed up settings that you can not fix. There were remote controllers that were broken or not responding correctly. There were a lot of people upstairs playing without any wristbands at all and no policies were being enforced. It was a bit hard to find a game to play, with all of the people playing that shouldn't have been and all of the broken games. They had a few N64s...

Submitted by: Janene H.

We went to Fun Spot to celebrate my son's birthday. Although he isn't tall enough to ride many things by himself I was glad to see that he could ride if I came along. Prices were reasonable too; his wristband was $25 and gave him unlimited free play arcade and rides on all the go-carts and rides including: bumper cars, bumper boats, a slide, Ferris wheel, and several kiddie rides. My husband and I got their chaperone wrist bands which allowed us to ride with him for only $5 each. What a money saver! The go cart tracks are pretty fun, our fave was the yellow Quad Helix with all of its turns. The governor kicks in if you start going too fast though. That didn't stop several people from spinning out and needing...

Submitted by: Dana H.

Fun Spot is a great place for a little old-fashioned fun!  Fun Spot has it all - go-karts, a ferris wheel, bumper cars (and boats), a kids area, and an arcade.  They offer a lot of package deals so that you can experience everything for a discounted price.  I use the term discounted loosely... because it can be somewhat pricey.  But definitely cheaper than buying individual tickets for each thing! For example: The Go-Kart Armband will run you about 35 bucks and it entitles you to ride the go-karts an unlimited amount of times and also get unlimited video games.  They offer a similar package for $25 bucks for kids.  Individual tickets cost 3 bucks a piece, and it's 2 tickets per go-kart ride.  Do the math... ...

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