Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago, Illinois

300 N Central Park Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60624

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Address: 300 N Central Park Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60624

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Phone: 312-746-5100
Hours: Mon-Tue 9 am - 5 pm, Wed 9 am - 8 pm, Thu-Sun 9 am - 5 pm
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Gail A.

This place was God sent during my summer trip to Chicago for a good friend's wedding. I was going through a rough patch in my life and was in Chicago before heading home to deal with some pretty serious family stuff. I had some time to wander the city a day before the wedding and decided to head to the conservatory after getting my nails done to have some time to myself to think. Hopping on the train to escape the city reminded me of my time in New York when I just needed to get away. I loved being able to hop on a train at any point and get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and just life in general. The cool thing about the train from the city to Garfield Park Conservatory was that everything was abo...

Submitted by: Mary T.

Bananas, apples and papayas, oh my! Not wanting to waste an unseasonably warm fall afternoon, we headed out Garfield Park Conservatory. As a kid, my family made frequent pilgrimages to Lincoln Park Conservatory. While LPC will always hold special memories, I adore Garfield Park Conservatory for all of the things it isn't: * Expensive - it's free! FREE! * Difficult to find parking. There's a free parking lot right near the green line and street parking is easy too. Or the green line will practically drop you at the door. * A crazy mecca for tourists. Located away from the other tourist hotspots keeps it from getting crazy up in here. Currently, the conservatory is a little bruised and battered, but don't coun...

Submitted by: Urbane G.

One of my favorite places. Good for kids because they have a play area where they can dig and mist the plan...

Submitted by: Amanda C.

As always... absolutely stunning. This is a great place to go alone, with the kids, or for a romantic stroll with your significant other. I visit every couple of months and there is always something new to see. Always clean and well maintained, friendly...

Submitted by: M M.

Last summer my family and I were eager to check this place out so we drove there on an early sunny day. When we got there as I pulled in looking for parking, we got approached by a homeless man asking for change. As we drove in deeper, we got approached by a couple more, my parents (senior citizens), my toddler, and I freaked out to see the whole outdoor park Covered with homeless people. There was no empty green spot anywhere. You could barely see the beauty of the surrounding. My baby started crying and my parents felt so uncomfortable. So we turned around and went straight to Lincoln Park. We left so disapponted. It made the park look so bad. It was the worst experience we have had here in Chicago, and we...

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