Georgetown, Washington, District of Columbia

Washington, District of Columbia 20007

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Older kids may enjoy the neighborhood's shopping.

Address: Washington, District of Columbia 20007

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Phone: 202-298-9222
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Nice Shopping, Best for Older Kids

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The sidewalks are narrow and bumpy, making it challenging to navigate with a stroller. Also, there is no Metro in Georgetown and the closest Metro stops are at least 15 minutes away on foot.

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Submitted by: Kunal M.

Before i made my life altering move from NYC to the district, i was confused as to why anyone would want to live in DC so i viisted georgetown one weekend while evaluating my decision to move here. georgetown is everything glamorous that you can imagine, but in a 'fake' way. it's pretentious,artificial and filled withd-bag lawyers who survive on extreme billing rates to the federal government and yuppie kids whose sole existence appears to be wasting their parents trust fund dollars. georgetown has fine boutiques, fine dining, a few college bars, and some embassies and law firms along with expensive residential homes and a a little harbor with tour boats that offer rides on the potomac river. what stands out...

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