Go-Karts Plus, Williamsburg, Virginia

6910 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, Virginia

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Submitted by: Neck F.

Ok so we'll start with the positives. Go Karts Plus is a neat place for everyone in the family, they have a variety of attractions and offer all around good fun. Now here is where the stars got taken away. We came by at 5pm and bought $50 worth of tickets, used $20 worth of tickets on two go cart rides (there were two of us) and had 33 tickets left. We decided it may be more fun with more people so we wanted to come back later when the crowd grew to use the remainder of our tickets. The front desk attendant said that would be great as the tickets are always good. Came back around 8:30pm and they were CLOSED! The signs and website stated 10pm but sure enough they were closing down rides. We were walking in wi...


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