Gold Coast Railroad Museum, Miami, Florida

12450 SW 152 St, Miami, Florida

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Submitted by: Yanay T.

What a great and cheap way to spend some fun time learning about a part of our American history and riding some trains. First Saturdays of the month, entrance is free. There are some small fee to ride the train.   This particular Saturday that had food trucks and a boys scout BBQ fundraising. There are some vending machines around with drinks and snacks.  Lots of picnic tables scattered around. I think you can even bring your own snacks and enjoy. The weather was great. The play room with the toy train sets was awesome. My son enjoyed it a ton and didn't want to leave.  The trains going around (which you can't touch) made me what to get one. Cute play to spend a few hours and either go home or go next door t...

Submitted by: Ravi B.

Rod Stewart would dig it more than his (grand?)kids. (Rod Stewart was on the cover of a train magazine in the gift shop, he's apparently a fanatic - just another nail in his cool coffin). Sure, there's thrills for kids to enjoy - the toy train, ringing the bell, and, of course, the annual Day Out With Thomas, the latter which usually happens in March (seeing Thomas in real life is a treat). They also have a playroom with loads of toy train sets. The train rides are noisy and a tad expensive, but why else would you come here? But, this is really geared toward train and history buffs. The trains are quite old and show their age if they haven't been lovingly refurbished (you can sponsor a train's restoration). ...

Submitted by: Renee D.

On several trips to the zoo, we always said - "hey, we need to come and see what this place is all about". When we saw the sign for a Free day - I couldn't resist free. Now this is a place for a train lover, historian, or kids. On this particular day - it was about the kids. We didn't even get to go into the museum. So - normally - the have link rides (a small kiddie) which on a normal day will cost you $2.50 p/person over 2 y.o. and then they have the bigger train rides that range from $6 - $12 p/person. These are the real trains. The route for the 15 - 20 minute ride takes you through the back of the property which is lush with an old FL feel. They have a slew of old trains from many different eras that yo...

Submitted by: Sabrina Anna C.

Dear Gold Coast Railroad Museum, What a neat place!!  I had the pleasure of tagging along with my cousin and the kids last weekend to explore all that you had to offer.  Unfortunately, they arrived a little bit before I did, so they hopped on one of your train rides to keep the kids happy and entertained.  My nephew had a BLAST!  He was so excited that he got to ring the bell on the train that he didn't know what to do with himself. After that, we explored the old trains that were on display.  From the US Army, to the Florida East Coast Railway, there were all kinds of classics to climb aboard.  It was cool to see all of these trains in their original form, imagining what it must have been like to be a passe...

Submitted by: Yislin C.

The Gold Coast Railroad Museum is impressive at the very least. Dozens of locomotives, passenger cars and freight cars adorn this former Naval Air station. The piece de resistance is the Ferdinand Magellan, an armor plated rail car built in 1928 which was used as transportation by presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower. This rail car was also utilized by president Reagan for one day, October 12th, 1984, for a whistle stop reelection campaign in Ohio. The first Saturday of each month , the Gold Coast Museum is offering free admission to the museum grounds. On any other day, admission is like 6 bucks! I'd say this is an inexpensive way to get an incredible history lesson. As I entered and perused each car...

Submitted by: Peter M.

Another Miami place that few know about.  The Museum was formed in 1957 by a group of Miamian's who were trying to save pieces of Florida history that were taken for granted and rapidly disappearing. Some of the earliest pieces in the collection are the "Ferdinand Magellan," the private railroad car built for President Franklin Roosevelt; the Florida East Coast Railway locomotive #153 , the engine that pulled the rescue train out of Marathon, Florida after the 1935 hurricane( I once worked with a man who was on that train after his entire family was swept away in the hurricane when he was a little boy); and the #113, an FEC locomotive built in 1913 and used in regular revenue service over the entire Florida ...


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