Golden Gardens Park, Seattle, Washington

8498 Seaview Pl NW, Seattle, Washington 98117

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Address: 8498 Seaview Pl NW, Seattle, Washington 98117

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Phone: 206-684-4075
Hours: Mon-Sun 6 am - 11:30 pm
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Stephen D.

Incredible sunset viewing, awesomely designed jungle gym area where even big kids can play, fire pits on the beach. Come here for sunset; arrive an hour early or so, in order to ha...

Submitted by: Joshua B.

The second best beach in all of Seattle (sorry Ballard, but West Seattle has you beat). But otherwise one of the jewels and great things about living in Seattle. It's out of the way unless you live in Ballard, but there's Paseo along the way to keep you fortified, and plenty to do once you get here. The massive beach itself, the kids play structure, the off-leash dog park just up the hill.  There's even a snack shack that's usually open during the good weather (ha) months, and the "Little Coney" place at the south end of the park if you want something more substantial (burger, fries, etc). You can even rent out the event hall at the north end of the beach for a wedding or big party (which I hear is very popu...

Submitted by: Jamie A.

This park has it all!  There is a beautiful beach where kids can play, adults can relax, anyone can enjoy a game of volleyball or a stroll along the sand/water, bbq can be made and happily consumed, dogs can chase balls or birds, etc.  There is also an awesome new play area for kids that is very large and als...

Submitted by: Liana R.

I heart Golden Gardens.  It's a gorgeous 2 mile ride along the Burke Gilman from the center of Ballard to the event house at the beach.  There is a new playground going up for kids, a nice field where you can gather up some friends for a friendly soccer match or some kite flying, a trail along the rocky shore to the marina for a nice walk, dairy-free frozen treats for sale, grills, volleyball nets and sites galore for all you people watchers.  I have even seen a cat on a leash there and people swimming sans wetsuits in 40 degree weather.  The hike to the top and the actual park is a nice glute workout and the view from the top of Sunset Hill is extraordinary, especially at sunset.  I'd recommend riding your ...

Submitted by: Jeff S.

As a Seattle resident, I've been frequenting Golden Gardens for nearly 17 yrs and have always been awed by it's beauty and accessibility. During the week, it's a wonderful place for fresh air and views of Puget Sound and the Olympics, a place to soak up the sun, BBQ or a picnic on the beach. The visitors during the week are civil and respectful and clearly appreciate such a gem for our city. Unfortunately, it's the weekend experience that consistently leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I realize the weekends are especially crazy, but it brings about a crowd that is clearly not from the area and have little respect for the park or its visitors. Parking is an absolute nightmare and people are completely oblivious...

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