Grand Canyon Railway, Williams, Arizona

233 N Grand Canyon Blvd, Williams, Arizona 86046

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Address: 233 N Grand Canyon Blvd, Williams, Arizona 86046

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Phone: 303-843-8724
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Submitted by: Pete F.

We experienced the Polar Express and took the train to the Grand Canyon.  If you have young kids, especially ones who love trains, you probably can't go wrong with this.  From an adult point of view, you have to put yourselve in the proper frame of mind.  What else can explain hundreds of kids with parents/grandparents in tow, all wearing matching Christmas themed pajamas wondering around town, hotels and the train depot.  It must be a strange sight for anyone who no longer believe . . .   So we did get hot cocoa as thick as melted chocolate bars - almost too thick and sweet.  You also get a cookie that is gluten and nut free - saves the hastle of dealing with all the allergy issues these days.  For my obser...

Submitted by: Jennifer F.

We went here this weekend for the Polar Express! Positive: the train ride was great and very entertaining I would suggest it to anyone with little kids!, the activities and gift shops they had made the experience even better, the chefs on the train were f...

Submitted by: Peter s.

This is the BEST family friendly vacation spot I have ever seen. The people are ALL friendly. The cafeteria/chow hall serves like 10 main courses. I must have gained 5 lbs in the 2 days I was here. 10 different deserts-the f...

Submitted by: Klarissa L.

Rode this train to the grand canyon a few weeks ago, and it was a blast! They were wonderfully accommodating to our party, given that one of our guests was in a wheelchair. Our attendant, Katie, was incredibly nice and so warm and welcoming, we really had a great time with her. The actual train ride is a bit long, but as many people have said before: you don't have to worry about anything! Take a nap, grab a snack, read a book, you can do whatever you like! Show up to the train station on time, and you're sure to have a relaxing day at the Grand Canyon. They really do take care of you, and all employees are amazing-- you can tell that they really love their job. It's really the perfect thing for kids! Everyt...

Submitted by: Steve L.

solid. kids can get a little bored [mine are 11, 9, and 3] during the train ride, so let them bring their ipad / itouch or whatever keeps them entertained on long car rides. the scenery during the 2 hours and 15 minute ride only entertained them for short ...

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