Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia

1496 Cartwright St, Vancouver, British Columbia

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Don't miss watching glass blowers at New Small and Sterling Glass Studio at 1440 Old Bridge Street and totem pole carvers at Ocean Art Works next to the Ocean Construction plant.

Address: 1496 Cartwright St, Vancouver, British Columbia

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Phone: 888-451-5581
Hours: Open 24 hours
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Sarah D.

Home to artists, tourists and locals alike, Granville Island is one of Vancouver's must-see spots for any first-time visitor. You'll find this unique community tucked beneath the Granville Street bridge, and it's complete with a bustling market, artist studios, gift shops, theatres, street performers, and the Kids Only market, which is heaven for children (and adults who are still kids at heart). There truly is something for everyone, and there's just nowhere else in the city quite like it. Vancouver's most prestigious and well-respected art school, Emily Carr, is located on Granville Island. This combined with the presence of a few of the city's best theatres, there's definitely an abundance of artsy folk h...

Submitted by: Katie P.

We had a jolly good time here....great time! It was fun walking around the unique stores, but the best time was in the Public Market. It's a certain MUST DO/SEE while in Vancouver. We tried different foods, but one word of warning when going to eat outside....order the food take away or cover it well. I was attacked by one of the aggressive sea gulls upside the head, then several more went for my plate of food. There was a collective gasp from the crowd. lol  Oh, well. The Oriental House gave me another plate for half price, which they didn't need to do, but it was very nice of them. They had a Pierogy eatery, organics like you wouldn't believe, pastries from heaven....oh, I could go on. A fun place that my ...

Submitted by: Jacqueline T.

A Tourist's Must! and a Local's Treat! Been to the world reknowed Pike Place's Market in Seattle? Had a good time? Visit Vancouver's Granville Island and you've set an all new world records high for Best Market! The Market itself: Tons of plump over sized cherries and berries, and whatever else is in season! Meats, Fish, Cheese, baked goods, flowers.. omgosh the list is never ending! What differentiates this from other World Reknown markets? THE VIEW! THE CABIN FEEL! THE VARIETY! THE CLEANLINESS! haha sorry.. i think i'm getting overly excited :P The Don'ts - Wouldn't recommend going to eat/eat at the food court there, as they charge a premium for being in the Market, and the food is less than medicore. If y...

Submitted by: Sarah A.

Like many locals, I grew up going to Granville Island for the Children's Festival and to entertain relatives from out of town. This place is a tourist attraction for a reason. The market is beautiful, and there is something for everyone (produce, flowers, bakeries, delis, seafood, candy, coffee, artisan stalls, etc). After you explore the market, be sure to explore some of the other local artisan shops and art galleries on the Island. Granville Island is very kid friendly. The have one of the best toy shops around and a great water park that is open in the summer as well. There is also a large assortment of street performers at any given time who are always sure to entertain. If it's nice out, you can grab f...

Submitted by: Victor E.

Amazing place to wander around and kill an hour or two. Lots of different buildings to check out, each housing different restaurants and shops. When I'm in Vancouver, I actually come here usually twice, it's the first destination when I arrive, and I usually visit once more before I leave Canada. Parking can be limited, and narrow, crowded roadways make driving around the island slow-go. So just find the first parking spot, park your clunker, and the island is easily walked.(There's also public transit like the Aquabus.) Watch out for pedestrians, because some of the streets are narrow, there's no room for sidewalks, and the tourists tend to walk right in the middle of the roadway. The public market and food...

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