Griffith Park Observatory, Los Angeles, California

2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, California 90027

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Address: 2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, California 90027

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Phone: 213-473-0800
Hours: Tue-Fri 12 pm - 10 pm, Sat-Sun 10 am - 10 pm
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Greg G.

In a city where you usually have to pay good money for moments of extreme awesomeness, Griffith Observatory is THE most awesome free activity around. Sure I love the beaches, the parks, the touristy sightseeing activities- but there really is no free place I love to visit more than the Griffith Observatory. Great for kids and adults, the observatory sits high in the Hollywood hills about a quarter mile from the Hollywood sign. From this height you get sweeping views of Los Angeles, from the ocean to downtown and far beyond- I swear on a clear day you can see Mickey Mouse all the way in Orange County! Bring your camera because you WILL be taking pictures non-stop. Inside the observatory there are tons of free...

Submitted by: liz g.

Great family place, learning center, and exercise area. ...

Submitted by: Rex L.

This is a pretty amazing place if you like science stuff. I would recommend going around dusk. So you can see the skyline in the daylight as well as the night. I would also highly recommend watching the show in the planetarium. If I had watched that as a kid I would ha...

Submitted by: Krystle R.

I love the Griffith Observatory! Every time I come I always learn something new. It just never gets old. The views are great, the grass is always green, the observatory is always clean, and everything is always up and working properly. It's perfec...

Submitted by: Very V.

One Word. Rebel Without A Cause. Okay, I guess that's much longer than one word... but you get the point. Yeah. I love space... so of course, I love this place. I've been here many times (from when I was  a kid on...) and I remember coming here when you were actually able to park at the observatory...which you are no longer able to do. You park off site and take a shuttle to the observatory. Eh. The museum is lovely. It's been renovated and modernized a bit... but there are still those scales that tell you your weight on different planets. hahaha. I remember always liking those as a kid. I don't know... I'm a space nut... so I love everything about this place. I've probably seen all this little shows at the ...

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