Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, British Columbia

6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, British Columbia

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Submitted by: Hilda L.

I never did meet that boy who would take me to the Gallery Café at VAG (  /end shameless plug) but Grouse Mountain might be a close second on the romantic scale. I love the gondola ride up. Ascending the mountain as you catch a breathtaking view of the city behind you is something Vancouverites take for granted. Not many metropolitan cities have mountains, lucious forests and water so close by.  Too bad this ride is shared with many others...some are pushy as they try to snag a good spot by the windows. When there's no snow, there's not much to do once you get up here. Still, this is the first time I caught the Lumberjack show. I honestly would never even consider watching it if not...

Submitted by: Melanie J.

Awesome time here!  After doing the grouse grind, booked a zipline tour for my birthday and I have to say it was awesome!  Had sisters and a friend purchase gift cards to go towards my zipline cost which made it all the more special.  The zipline guides made it incredibly fun because they made it SAFE!  I'd have to say my bf was really hesistant in doing this with me, but after the 2nd zipline, he was having a great time and he was so grateful we got to do it together!  We bought tickets to go up the eye of the wind, but when we arrived, it was closed.  We were bummed, but we were able to get our money back.  The fog started to lift while we were there which made the sights from the peak amazing.  We ended u...

Submitted by: Peter S.

Spent a day last month up on grouse with the Variety Kids crew. We all enjoyed the peak chair ride up to the incredible view. However, the $16.72 price tag for the windmill is just nuts. We charmed our way up, and the view was sweet. But not $17 sweet. You get the same view...

Submitted by: Kathy C.

Husband and I were hoping to take our family up to Grouse Mountain.  We had enjoyed the view from the mountain in previous visits.  But we were, frankly, quite disgusted with how much they have jacked up the price.  We can't just buy the lift to go up the mountain (which was our plan).  We weren't planning on...

Submitted by: Tom Y.

First things first this place is a TOURIST TRAP !!!!  No IFs and/or BUTs about it, if you are a casual day-tripper and don't feel like driving out of the comforts of Vancouver this place provides a great view with a price.  If you do come here bring a good camera, and come on a clear day because the view is beautiful.  Almost the entire place is pretty accessible with the exception of the chair lift and one or two attractions where the walking does get tough.  This place is pricey but the price of admission does pay for the two short IMAX films that they show there, and I can totally see taking your young teenagers and children here because they have the zip-lines and para-gliding for the older kids and the ...


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