Haleiwa Alii Park, Haleiwa/Sunset Beach, Hawaii

66-167 Haleiwa Rd, Haleiwa/Sunset Beach, Hawaii 96712

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There is no natural shade on the beach, so bring an umbrella, hats and sunscreen.

Address: 66-167 Haleiwa Rd, Haleiwa/Sunset Beach, Hawaii 96712

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Phone: 808-637-5051
Hours: Open 24 hours
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Arlene A.

This beach has always been favorite stopover whenever my friends and family are cruising the North Shore. On a recent trip, we made it a point to stay for the entire day (well, half day, really). We picked up lunch at the new Opal Thai and headed over to the benches on the far left side (by the nicer bathrooms) to enjoy a relaxing lunch. Surprisingly the beach wasn't busy and we easily found parking along the side of the road.  After lunch, headed to the beach to soak up some sun, frolic in the sands and go swimming. Lucky us, we came across three green sea turtles spread out along the shoreline. So cool. Seemed like they didn't mind all the passersby and chilled there for quite some time. So check out this ...

Submitted by: Quijana B.

My favorite beach on the island. We average one visitor per month.  I generally have enough time to change the sheets on the spare bed and to refill the fridge and then I head back to the airport and pick up the next visiting friend or family member.   I do not promise to take them to Waikiki.  They have to beg to go to Kailua.  None of them miss the joy of a day on the sands of Haleiwa.   Today was no exception.  Our friends arrived two nights ago.  I allowed everyone a day to acclimate and then it was off to the beach!  They enjoyed themselves even after I explained that the other beaches here were "differently beautiful" but that they would enjoy most of the beaches they came upon. It has a cleanish bathr...

Submitted by: Lofa L.

My family decided that our Storto's sandwiches needed some nice scenery to go with it. We drove to Haleiwa Alii Beach Park and found a table. Nice and sunny. Nice waters. Great place to chill with the family. A few stand up paddleboarders in the water a...

Submitted by: Tiffany Y.

Love it! Great place for family and friends. It's right next to the harbor but the beach is very beautiful. You can set up a tent, have a bar-b-que and play some football or volleyball. The scenery to the left and to the right are breathtaking. I love the North Shore because this is how ...

Submitted by: Dean H.

This was a great place for my fam and a friend with her kids to enjoy some sun.  Lots of shady areas in the park to eat your lunch (shrimp truck run!) and parking was pretty plentiful in the early am (about 9am on a saturday, it filled up after 12noon) Clean bathrooms, a few showers, and a clean, rubbish free sandy beach.   A bit rough for smaller, less experienced swimmers but they loved jumping over the waves and laughing while Dad/lifeguard worried and stood in the surf to make sure none of the little munchkins got swept away into the deep blue. PLUS, trying to put on a happy, glad you are having fun, face.... Lots of families surfing together made this place feel safe and enjoyable.   I enjoyed my time h...

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