Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge, Massachusetts

26 Oxford St, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

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Address: 26 Oxford St, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

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Phone: 617-495-3045
URL: http://www.hmnh.harvard.edu/
Hours: Mon-Sun 9 am - 5 pm. Closed New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. More Info
Price: Adults: $12; Children (3-18): $8; Seniors (65+) & Students: $10; Children under 3: Free More Info

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Submitted by: Marie C.

This place is a hidden gem...yes, it's part of the world famous Harvard, but I am always amazed at how few locals know about this place..it really rocks.. This museum has something for everyone - I've gone w/ out of town guests who are adults, and have taken my young children: all delight in it..they have an amazing amount of animals (stuffed -not live) species: birds, mammals, and also some dino species.   The real highlight is the glass flowers exhibit - done by a famous father & son team - as a teaching tool for students..it's something pretty special.. They also have many amazing gems of all varieties, and many other thought provoking displays. It is free for MA residents SU before 1p, and you can get di...

Submitted by: Phillip Y.

Wow, this place blew me away as a kid and now it still blows my mind.  I went with a friend last year and it was amazing.  I just loved all their glass plant collection.  Plus, I tot...

Submitted by: Doris T.

I am not a huge fan of Natural History Museums but I think this is a cute place to take your kids to.  The glass flowers are indeed one of their kind and really worth a visit.  My most favorite part of this museum is the fact that it is not overwhelmingly big.  It is...

Submitted by: Michael C.

Com'on natural history museums = dead zoo/dead aquarium. The much hyped Glass Flowers were.. well, they were cool! The rest of the museum was a... na...

Submitted by: Linda W.

In response to the pricing, we were told differently by the front desk attendant. My husband and I visited the museum on Fri 4/23/10, the admission in front of the lobby read adults- $10, children- $6. My hus...

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