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Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts

1380 Massachussets Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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On street and garage parking is available, but public transportation is easiest. Just take the MBTA red line to Harvard Square.

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Submitted by: K G.

One of "Boston's" great places to go out and just have some fun.   It's my favorite part of Cambridge.  Yes it's very crowded and yes it's filled with college kids and all sorts of "unusual folks", but it just has so many unique and fun places ...

Submitted by: Tracy B.

Decent if you like Mob Scenes, I have lived in the area all my life & never have I come to Harvard Sq where it wasnt packed... All hours of the day & night its bustling... I try to avoid at all costs, I mean I love several t...

Submitted by: Roberto A.

Harvard Square is very, very charming. Harvard Yard on one side, the T stop right in the center, the COOP bookstore, CVS, Cardullos, Curious George books, and the same guy making spray paint paintings. The only thing missing is the 'have a heart!' guy who u...

Submitted by: Orly M.

I am so over Harvard Sq. Growing up, this was the place to be.  It was where there were cool independent stores.  We would go to Harvard Sq on weekends, drink spiked sodas, smoke cigars, watch street performers and watch kids with too many piercings fight in The Pit.  We would look on with glee when the paddy wagon would pull up when old cracked out ladies in leopard print would start pulling each other's hair (I think these would be called "cougars" now, what has the world come to?) Well, I guess Harvard Sq has changed and so have I, because I'm not 15 anymore.  As much as I love yuppies, screaming children, yuppy screaming children, yuppy students, and homeless people who call me a f-cking c-nt (yes, this ...

Submitted by: Susie C.

Man oh man... how this place has changed over the years. Harvard has become that stop on the red line that I almost never get off at anymore, unless I need $200 jeans from Diesel, a $300 pair of binoculars at Eastern Mountain Sports, bland, tasteless food from Crazy Dough and Qdoba, overpriced Martha...

Submitted by: Miriam L.

I'm not sure having issues with Harvard square is in any way related to gentrification, though I certainly belong to that generation for whom it is "cool" to hate on gentrification.  Of course, we also are a huge part of that trend. However old I am, I do still enjoy spending time in Harvard Square.  It's not the same place I remember when I was a little kid, when my parents took my brother and me here to watch a multitude of street performers in the summer and wander around the bookstore when we wanted to go inside.  There are still a few street performers, but far fewer than I remember 15 years ago.   Wow, that made me feel old. Sure, Harvard Square has its share of commercial chain stores like the Gap, St...

Submitted by: Arthur M.

I feel like most of the negative reviews for Harvard Sq (most, not all) are from folks of a certain age for whom its hip to hate on gentrification, for whom only up-and-coming or down-and-out neighborhoods are cool.  Harvard Sq is less and less for hipsters and more and more for real students and thinking and working adults and families and visitors.  For my money, Harvard Sq is the best at what it is in the city.   Compared to the other college-centric areas in Boston which other has this many bookstores?  This many coffeeshops and cafes?  This many avenues of public expression and live music?  This many nooks and crannies in so few square yards? The architecture is lovely and right on the river. For those ...

Submitted by: Stephen K.

Lamest place in the area. Everyone from the panhandlers to the waiters has an inflated sense of self-importance. Harvard Square is full of tourists, mi...

Submitted by: Devon M.

This is by far one the lesser squares within Boston, in my opinion. Reasons Harvard Square rules: 1.) Cheap food and drinks at Charlie's, often consumed on the patio. 2.) Scorpion bowls and taking over big sections of the restaurant portion of the Hong Kong. 3.) Having options of what comic/music stores to go to. Reasons Harvard Square sucks: 1.) Parking is a NIGHTMARE.  We arrived in Harvard Square this morning to see a movie and on top of getting  a parking ticket on a broken meter, we circled for at least 20 minutes 2.) Tourists.  They make me so mad when they clog up the square so bad that you can't even walk, particularly when you really just want to get your errands done. 3.) Students.  Enough said. 4....


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