Hilo Farmers Market, Hilo, Hawaii

Corner of Mamo St and Kamehameha Ave, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

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This is a great place to pick up a picnic lunch of local flavors.

Address: Corner of Mamo St and Kamehameha Ave, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

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Phone: 808-933-1000
URL: http://www.hilofarmersmarket.com/
Hours: Wed and Sat 6 am - 4 pm More Info
Price: Free (to enter)

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Submitted by: Maria C.

We shopped here as soon as our flights landed, then on to our VRBO where we planned to cook each other romantic dinners all week.  And breakfasts, of course.   We stocked up on veggies and fruit,  daring each other to get the weirdest looking, most unfamiliar things so we could give them a try - dragon fruit, the "weird looking" bananas, the yellow thing neither of us had seen before but it smelled good...  We were disappointed we couldn't find guava! This is the only place to buy produce on the big island.  We went to the grocery stores and the only produce we found that was acceptable after the farmers market were some sweet potatoes and onions (this was later in the trip).   We also later found out why we...

Submitted by: Rob F.

How can you get the freshest produce on the Big Island at a really affordable price? Find the Hilo Farmers Market and your at the right spot. Located in downtown Hilo at the intersection of Kamehameha Ave and Mamo St. For you tourist plug that into your GPS. They have vendors there 7 days a week, but on wednesday and saturday is when the market has most of it's vendors all there. On those two days, it gets really busy. On one side of the street you will find several different people selling all of the freshest vegetables you can imagine. You can walk around compare and look for the best veggies at the best prices. Then walk around again and select the one that are the best for you. Some sellers are willing t...

Submitted by: Nancy L.

There are very few people with whom I can vacation, and since my in-laws make the cut, perhaps they rate some code names.  Let's call Dad "Defense Dollars" and Mom "Butcher Shop Gal".  DD is very much the head of the family, and we all know his likes, dislikes, and stories.  BSG isn't a big talker, but we're learning all her funny behaviors when we take her outside of the house.  At a hot springs we uncovered her black roots when a kid grabbed her leg underwater, and she blurted, "What you touchin' my leg!" in pure Oaklanese.  Colorado revealed her jay-walking lawlessness, and the Hilo Farmer's Market  brought out the shameless bargainer in her.  She asks for deals in a matter of fact manner - she is buying ...

Submitted by: Viola S.

Very lively market with some great prices. Some stuff we bought: - 3 rainbow papaya plus 2 normal papaya for $1 - a big bouquet of basil for $1 - 2 big baby bok choy for $1 (leaves were somewhat bitter, so I'd suggest only buying the small ones) - Some garlic and tomatoes that, on second thought, were probably not locally grown - Lots of exotic fruits like lychee ($3), longyan ($2), rambutan, and white pineapple ($2/lb). People were very friendly. In two separate incidents, fellow shoppers gave us advice when we looked confused about something. As for cooked food, I was less impressed. I bought a noodle dish from the person selling the musubis because she said they were vegetarian, but we found pieces of por...

Submitted by: Brian A.

One of the wonderful things about sleepy Hilo town is their Farmer's Market. We go for the fresh fruit and wonderfully colorful flowers. Their antheriums are exceptional. We purchase bunches of them to bring back to Oahu. They bundle them into different sizes. For example,  the small ones are sold in bunches of 3 for $5, for which you get a lot! The lady we buy them from even walks us over to the store to get a box (we had to buy the box, but it was only like $1) and then she proceeded to pack it all nicely for us. Another thing we try to get is the warabe or oe'o (baby fern shoots) for cooking, which is something you can't get from Oahu. One of the cool Hawaiian jewelry type things you can find there are th...

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