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101 W Flagler St, Miami, Florida 33130

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Make sure you take the kids on one of the tours to explore lesser known neighborhoods and learn about Miami's fascinating history.

Address: 101 W Flagler St, Miami, Florida 33130

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Phone: 305-375-1492
URL: http://www.historymiami.org/
Hours: Tue-Fri 10 am - 5 pm, Sat-Sun 12 pm - 5 pm More Info
Price: Adults (13+): $8; Children (6-12): $5; Children under 6: Free; Seniors & Students: $7 More Info

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Longs, South Carolina

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Really good place to stay

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Great place for small children found it very safe!

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Submitted by: Jocelyn T.

2 floors of miami filled history dating back to 10,000BC.  A...

Submitted by: Shauna D.

I really had no intention of going to the Historical Museum. Didn't I get enough history looking at a few posters at the neighboring Main Library? Still, if you paid $10 for a joint ticket for this museum and Miami Art Museum, then I suppose it would have been worth it because otherwise, each individual admission is $8 a person. Actually, it was WAY worth it. It may not have been a huge place but I spent almost two hours looking at every last thing. There was just so much history for an area (Southern Florida) that really is less than 100 years old (well, in terms of what we consider modern civilization). The first exhibition I looked at were portraits of mausoleums in the largest cemetery in Cuba. They were...

Submitted by: Maria A.

I like many of you I first went to the Historical Museum of Southern Florida when I was just a buck toothed, little kid glad to be on a field trip.... ahh memories Perhaps most memorable to me was the trolley. I kept thinking We had a Trolley in Florida? Cool! And wouldn't it be cool if this city had more public transportation options, but I digress soooo.... It wasn't until last year when I was at one of MAM's (Miami Art Museum aka the Historical Museum's neighbor) JAM at MAM events that I began thinking of the old Historical Museum. Maybe it was nostalgia, maybe it was my love for Miami, or maybe it was plain boredom. Wait I was just kidding about that last one. No, really I was totally kidding. So anyways...

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