Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Warsaw (Indiana), Warsaw (Indiana), Indiana

Call to Book: 800-775-6132

3825 Lake City HWY, Warsaw (Indiana), Indiana

About Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Warsaw (Indiana)

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    • Tots (0-2)
    • Little kids (3-5)
    • Big kids (6-8)

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  • Visited: November 2009
  • Submitted: Oct 25, 2012
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    Tots (0-2), Little Kids (3-5) and Big Kids (6-8)

Wonderful, kid-friendly family suite, swimming pool & full, hot breakfast.

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Tips for Families

Ask for the family suite! King size bed and 4 bunkbeds inside a "fort" (looks like a log cabin on the outside!) There is also a small television in the bunk bed area with a nintendo game system.

My detailed rating

Customer Service
On-site/nearby restaurants
Other kids' amenities

Suggestions for nearby family-friendly attractions

Winona Lake

Suggestions for nearby family-friendly restaurants

Bennigans. McDonalds has a play-place. MARIA'S HOUSE OF PANCAKES!!!!!!!!

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