Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, California

Hollywood Blvd from La Brea Ave to N Gower St, Los Angeles, California 90028

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Address: Hollywood Blvd from La Brea Ave to N Gower St, Los Angeles, California 90028

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Hours: Open 24 hours
Price: Free

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Submitted by: devin s.

Maybe I am just a magnet for people who walk up and down hollywood blvd asking me to find god and they think I want to talk about religion.  The streets smell sort of like incense. Plenty of tourist type of shops selling t shirts with Charlie Sheen on the face of the shirt for 25$.  The hot dog vendors on the side walks are disgusting.   The good?  They have some nice caterer trucks selling real food like burritos or sandwiches for 5 bucks.  Unfortunately, they don't stay in the same spot, and most of the other vendors are disgusting. Everything costs way too much(slice of pizza will be $5.  Burger will be $5, you could buy a better burger at in n out for half the price.(these are the brick and mortar stores...

Submitted by: Heidi K.

For my review, I'm going to make a list of personality types of people who SHOULD come here, and those that SHOULDN'T. You SHOULD come here if: -You like battling for valet parking (because that's almost all that's available in the garages) - You like to stomp on people while they try to take any pictures. - You don't speak English/are not from the United States. - You like to take pictures of broken up/dirty tiles in the ground. - You love other people's children. - You don't have anything better to do. - You are an idiot. You should just keep on driving past it IF: - You don't have a million dollars to spend on everything. - You know the value of your time and you would like to see other things that day. -...

Submitted by: Mary S.

Good place to walk around check out all there is on this mini strip my son loved it but not a good place to ta...

Submitted by: Jim F.

Crackheads, hookers and vagrants aren't invited to those Star Ceremonies you've seen on television but you'll definitely see them during your visit to the Walk of Fame. The "safest" area is near Grauman's Chinese Theater and becomes sketchier as you travel several blocks to the east or west.  If driving to the WOF, park at Hollywood & Highland Center.  H&H Center offers a secure garage, clean public bathrooms and it empties onto Hollywood Boulevard in a prime location.  The WOF is always crowded so be aware of other pedestrians while searching for your favorite stars.  Check out -- http://www.hollywoodch... to find their exact locations. If alone or with children, definitely leave Hollywood before sunset. Av...

Submitted by: Margret C.

When I first saw this area, years ago, I wasn't too impressed too much. It's a dirty place (generally speaking) and there are lots of homeless people around; this area is nice and clean for all the premieres, though, hence the surprise at how it looks everyday. (This brings to mind what Mindy Kaling said about Luv It Custard's location in LV- yeah, there are sketchy neighborhoods in southern california, too- BTW.) Anyway, we didn't really stop by and walk around (the 1st visit, years ago). This time, we did (different family members, different husband) though. It was neat to see the stars in person (up close and personal- taking pictures, anyway, close) although I didn't know many names from back in the day ...

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