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Honolulu Zoo, Honolulu/Waikiki, Hawaii

151 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu/Waikiki, Hawaii

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Oahu's only Zoo!

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Tips for Families

Check the local weather before you choose which day to go so you won't get stuck getting drenched in some rain. There are limited places that provide shelter within the zoo. You can bring in your own food and drinks, just please don't litter around these gorgeous creatures!

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Submitted by: Nelson Q.

Honestly, I think the last time I vivisted, was probably WAAAAAAAAAY back in middle school days...Its cool to see some updates and renovations have been made. Its a cool spot to take the family, especially with the additi...

Submitted by: Violet P.

We decided to walk to the zoo as it was about a 25 minute walk from our hotel and it gave us something to do than go to the beach and take a tour. At the admission booth, we noticed they gave a discount for military but only for US military. There's a photographer who takes your picture and they have the photo, magnet, and keychain available for purchase. When you first walk in to the right we saw monkeys, elephants, and turtles. I wasn't sure if I would be impressed with the animals. But there was an African animals section that I really enjoyed seeing giraffes, zebras, lions, tigers, and hippos. We spent less than 2 hours at the zoo. It's a great place for families as there's a petting zoo, park, and lots ...

Submitted by: Lanny H.

Decent way to spend the morning with a 2 year old, this zoo was bigger than I thought.  In addition to a packed playground near the food s...

Submitted by: Joraine G.

(Gunther & Tinka Foreign accent from "Shake It Up" on Disney Channel): "ZOO-PER BIGGEAR AND BEATER THAN THE WAIKIKI AQUARIUM!!!" My son drained my camera battery cuz of all the pictures he was taking, which I didn't discover until we reached the luau afterwards and were unable to take ANY pictures. There were a lot of animals here, unrestrained peacocks walking around, a separated area for the keiki's to explore, a petting zoo, and a cool fish tank that you can stand in the middle of. A great zoo, compared to some "zoo's" in the U.S. that you pay an arm and a leg for only to discover that they seem to have a shortage on animals. Tixx were reasonable, but when we bought our tixx, the lady gave us the discount...

Submitted by: Koala B.

My favorite moments were seeing flamingos and elephants in real life.  I am sure you will have your own favorite animal.  It was somewhat odd to be in such a large and peaceful place when you are in ...

Submitted by: Frances G.

First off, kama'aina/military rate is $6.  Children 4-11 is like $3?  Parking lot fee is $1 in quarters or CC for an hr.  Its not fun finding parking if others park there to go to the beach (right across).   Its not the same as before, this place use to have tons and tons of animals, I saw a sign saying, "don't look too hard...

Submitted by: Elle H.

It can be tempting to compare this zoo to other zoos.... having been to zoos all over the world (to include San Diego and Berlin), this still get's my five stars!  Let's face it, this is the only zoo on the island, and it does a pretty good job at being a enjoyable, clean place for me to bring my family.   I love to bring my kids here with a picnic lunch, find nice shady spot and have lunch there.  Afterwards, they can burn off their energy at  the little zoo jungle gym area, and walk around and look at the animals.   Recent improvements have enhanced the zoo, and even though we go 1-2 times a month, I still learn something everytime.  The animal exhibits are labeled well and the zoo is clean. I like their g...

Submitted by: Cindy L.

My niece was three when she visited Hawaii and I took her to the Honolulu Zoo.  She loves seeing all the animals and asking the same question "What's that?" at every station.  I believed she favorite experience was when the peacock walked up to her and...

Submitted by: Tze M.

I haven't been to the zoo in years! And since the world is coming to an end, I wanted to see which animals will be chosen to board Noah's Arc... no, that's not it... My friend and I went to revisit our childhood memories to see the changes over the years. The zoo has recently been renovated, but haven't been there in so long, the only major change I've noticed is the entry way and maybe a few of the exhibits. To walk around the entire zoo takes about 2 hours, so if you park in the meter stalls, be sure you have enough quarters. It is out in the open and it is suppose to simulate outdoors, so wear sunscreen and mosquito repellent... if you buy it from the gift shop, it is $14/bottle. I'd rather pay $14 than t...


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