Horseback Riding Tours -- Happy Trails Hawaii, Haleiwa/Sunset Beach, Hawaii

59-231 Pupukea Rd, Haleiwa/Sunset Beach, Hawaii

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Submitted by: Doug W.

These guys are the real deal.  Was taken out by Mark and Bev: group consisted of me and my girlfriend, two other mainlanders and 4 Japanese.  Mark was super personable, and it all felt like a well run, family operation, which is what I wanted to find.  The trail was beautiful, will def do the 2 hour path next time.  If you want to gallop...

Submitted by: Elizabeth K.

Overall, a great way to spend a morning or afternoon in Oahu. The staff was friendly and engaging, and the horses were safe. The scenery was beautiful, from the views of the ocean to the lush forests that you ride through. There were a couple of very young kids in our group, and they had a great time - the horses the guides put the ...

Submitted by: Annie H.

First I have to say that as a former horse owner, I am really particular about how stables take care of their herd. When calling around to find a place to horseback on our Hawaiian vacation, after repeatedly getting automated voicemails,  I was pleasantly surprised to get a live person to answer the phone.   I spoke with a very upbeat gal named Tammy, who was patient in listening to my concerns about  size of groups, pace,  and of course what I would see on along the trails.   Being a horse lover,  I was happy to hear that they don't  use bits on their horses.  She told me they only use a  hackamore so that pretty much sealed the deal.   We took the 2 hour tour in the morning, 8 of us total with a couple of ...


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