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Imagine it! The Children's Museum of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia

275 Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW, Atlanta, Georgia

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An Educational Playground for Kids 12 and younger

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Tips for Families

Check to see if they are still doing the Target Free Tuesdays. The second Tuesday of the month from 1 pm to close Target sponsors free admission. This contract is renewed yearly, so check before you go to make sure it's still in effect.

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Submitted by: Lola A.

Very fun for kids and babies. Im taking my 2 year old son :-) The only reason i give 3 stars is because there is a area where you can take kids 2 and under & my son just made two and they kicked him out ummmmm excuse me but i le...

Submitted by: Lisa C.

Absolutely one of THE BEST places to take your kids for a day filled with fun, laughter and play!! My kids love this place and always look forward to going back! With the many things to do at this museum they never run out of fun. I usually leave pretty worn out but feeling great because they've had such a good time. Check their calender and find out what days they offer free Tuesdays. Yes, they offer free Tuesdays through a program called Target Free Tuesdays. Just check their website. They also offer memberships so if you have a great time and want to visit again, and again a membership is the way to go. And, every Wednesday starting from June 15th - September 7th children wearing a team shirt or team unif...

Submitted by: Jeni L.

This place is awesome for kids. Children can touch EVERYTHING. There's a water play area where kids can "fish" and they even have cute animal theme or career theme smocks available to keep the kids from getting their clothes wet. There are climbing areas and small slides that are safe for really young children. When I first walked in (in the afternoon) I could smell the bleach they use to sanitize. That was definitely a plus because I know the area will be clean. There's a music area with a video camera which makes it look like the kids are on tv playing congo drums with "real" musicians playing along in the background. There are tv screens so that the kids can watch themselves play and a screen outside for ...

Submitted by: Sherean A.

I agree with the other reviewers who noted this is a bit expensive ($12/adult, I believe) for what you get. We have a season pass, though, and feel like it's well worth the price as we take our 2-year old son here about once a week. When he was a bit younger, all he wanted to do was play on the train tables. I used to joke that we were paying all that money for him to do something he could do for free at home. But they have train tables that are multi-level and more interesting than ours. As he has grown, he has branched out and enjoys the other activities. As you walk in, there is a "farm" area, complete with a big tractor that the kids (including mine) love to drive. There is also a fake cow they can milk....

Submitted by: Brad C.

Great spot to take the kids on a snowy winter day in Atlanta. With extended family in tow, this was a great way to spend a few wintery hours inside. Exhibits were fun from the farm to hip ...

Submitted by: Demetria M.

Attended a birthday party here and it was fantastic!  Great idea for toddlers,...

Submitted by: Spence N.

Can get crowded with preschools and camps, but a great place for kids 6 and under. We are members with 2 girls, 5 & 2, so t...

Submitted by: Mark L.

My 3 year old daughter & 1 year old son love this place.  We have a season pass, which I recommend if you live nearby, because we don't feel bad heading down there for just an hour or two.  I agree with other reviewers who say this is mainly for the little kids.  My daughter could play with the ...

Submitted by: Bridget M.

For the money, this is a great place to take your kids- especially if you are visiting Atlanta. They can just play and be kids. My...


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