Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

143 South Third Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

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It's best to reserve tickets online or by phone from March through December to make sure they are available upon arrival.

Address: 143 South Third Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

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Phone: 215 965 2305
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Learn about the birth of the United States in an urban national park

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Tips for Families

The sites here are best for school-age kids and older who have some familiarity with American history. Although tours of Independence Hall are free, you'll need a timed ticket. Pick one up on the Visitor Center. Looking for a bite to eat? There are two family-friendly restaurants just steps away from Independence Hall. Jones is a groovy tribute to the Brady Bunch era, with shag carpeting and grown-up comfort food (you won't want to miss the fried chicken) or stop by the Red Owl Tavern in the Hotel Monaco. Although they have a great dinner menu, I also recommend visiting for breakfast or brunch - their cider donuts cannot be beat. And before you visit, be sure to download the Philly History This Way app on your smartphone or mobile device - it provides an interactive map of the area with information about various points of interest; it will also automatically play videos about some of the historic sites as you walk past them.

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