Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

211 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Submitted by: Duncan I.

Must admit that we found this surprisingly good. My 10 year old loved it as did my 4 year old. The combination of information and interactive activities made it a pretty pleasant way to spend a fe...

Submitted by: Karen F.

A friend of mine got us 2 free passes otherwise, I quite honestly never woulda thunk to come here. Today I took my 6 year old daughter here and we arrived at 3 PM (They close at 5).  We will definitely come back one more time - soon - to see the rest. We straight away headed to the submarine (creepy & cramped) and ship that are docked nearby.  This took about 35 minutes. Then we started in on the exhibits - and did not get all the way through.  We spent a long time in the boat shop.  I had no idea they actually build, replicate and restore boats for museums all over the east coast.  While we were there, one of the head builders stopped sanding long enough to tell us about a design they are working on for the...

Submitted by: Felicia K.

Really enjoyed this place, especially since we kind of wandered in by accident and it turned out to be surprisingly cool.  The highlights are definitely the big old navy ship and submarine that are included in the price of admission to the museum.  We checked those out first... the sub especially is so awesome as it seems that hardly anything has been changed, it and it's been left almost in the same condition it was when it took its last tour.  You almost expect to see a sailor in his bellbottoms lying on one of the bunks.  The museum itself is actually pretty interesting, with a variety of stuff to do.  Looks like it's kid friendly too, with lots of stuff for kids to touch and climb on/into. There are tons...

Submitted by: Ryan G.

If you have a tattoo or are thinking about getting a tattoo, you have to see the new Tattoo exhibit at the Seaport Museum.  I went last week and our group had a guided tour by the curator, which was awesome.  The way he told the story of the exhibit shows the life and death of the sailor and how the tattoo lives on forever.  I truly think that if everyone I worked with saw that exhibit, I wouldn't have to hide mine anymore! That's just the most recent exhibit... I went with family to see the museum a few times and if you're in to Philadelphia history, this is the museum to go to.  Between the original art work, the stories and actual artifacts, the museum displays how Philadelphia used to prosper, centered b...

Submitted by: Rafael G.

The Seaport Museum consists of a regular museum, a ship, a submarine, and a working boat-building shop.  Almost anyone will enjoy the sub, it is pretty freakin cool.  You can touch what ever you want and imagine how claustrophobic to it must have been to live on this thing for months at a time (It also made me question the notion that straight men resort to homosexuality aboard subs; I think you'd want to maintain what little personal space you have). The ship is nice, but just have a quick walk through unless it really interests you. The museum is very quiet and dark. I found it fascinating because I am interested in things like the history of technology and industry, but I could see how others, especially ...


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