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Jamestown Settlement, Williamsburg, Virginia

2218 Jamestown Rd, Williamsburg, Virginia

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Allow extra time for the museum. We underestimated how engaging it would be for the whole family.

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Submitted by: Debi S.

It's like stepping back in time...a great adventure.  Fun for the whole family.  It's amazing how small ...

Submitted by: ryan c.

We love going to Jamestown.  My daughter loves the fact that she is walking where the real Pochohantas may have walked.  She's not big on going in to the wigwams though because of the furs and animals hides but she loves talking to the actors and even asked on if she was Pocohontas (and was answered no, Pochontas was out in the woods somewhere.)   My son loves grinding the corn and cleaning the animal skin.  We all love going to the fort.  Our first visit they helped get worms off the tobacco plants.  That was also the visit where my son met a rooster that he calls his friend he has to see every time we go.  We love walking around the fort, and going to the armory.  My son and daughter love going to the chur...

Submitted by: Tricia E.

Visiting the Jamestown Settlement was one of the neatest things we did during our trip to Virginia. The employees and tour guides are amazing, they are like the best professors you had in college with their animated storytelling and wealth of information. I could have listened to our one guide in particular, a gentleman in a park ranger's uniform who reminded me of an army drill sargeant, all day long. Since we have family in Virginia, I had visited Jamestown once before, when I was very young. I hated it back then. It's a completely different experience seeing this place as an adult, very interesting to hear about what life was like for America's earliest settlers and  to see so many interesting artifacts a...

Submitted by: Keith E.

This is such a fun place to visit! Terrific if you are interested about the creation of the first Virginia colony. Explore the lives of the Powhat...

Submitted by: Aisha S.

A Thanksgiving weekend trip led us to Jamestown Settlement where the history nerd can run free. The basic admission price was $14, which is well worth everything you get to see and experience. We first watched a short history video and looked at the galleries inside. Then we went outside to the Powhatan Indian village where we walked through Powhatan homes and costumed volunteers cooked, tanned deer skins, carved canoes, and did everyday activities as the Powhatans would have. The fort was fun, with more costumed volunteers shooting muskets and cooking food that actually smelled  and looked delicious. The ships were swarming with kids so we looked around quickly and then got out of there, but they were inter...

Submitted by: Nancy L.

This is the recreated fort and Powhatan village, costumed exhibitors, museum, and restaurant place associated with the Yorktown Victory Center, not Historic Jamestowne run by the Nat'l Park system which is more of an archaeological dig. In planning our trip, I was constantly confused between them, then skeptical about the possible commercialization of Jamestown.  However, seeing historic sites with the kids in the past, I've found it's usually better to have more tangible artifacts, buildings, setting, etc. than the actual remains.  Also, they were open on Thanksgiving Day and serving the traditional meal just in case mine went off the rails. It turns out we didn't need the meal, hallelujah, and the whole ex...


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