Jay Peak Resort (Vermont), Jay (Vermont), Vermont

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4850 VT route 242, Jay (Vermont), Vermont

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Williston, Vermont

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Splash and Stay at the Pump House Waterpark

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Tips for Families

- Yes, towels are provided. However the are the size of large hand towel. I would suggest bringing your own. - If you care about seating, get there early. It is at a premium. There is definitely not a lot for the amount of people there. And unfortunately families leave their towels, bags, etc...and then never seem to come back. - You will find more seating upstairs at The Drink (the bar) that overlooks the whole waterpark. This works great if you have older kids that don't need constant watching :) - The Start Tower is several flights up. This is where you would jump on the orange, green, blue and red (La Chute) slides. Once you get there the lines at the top can be slow which means there is a lot of standing around. The only one that moves quickly is La Chute as the ride is only 6 seconds. - There are plenty of life jackets. You don't need to bring one unless you feel that your child is more comfortable in his/her own or is a specific size. - Each station/area had a lifeguard. - The sweet spot for this waterpark seemed to us to be ages 4-12. It also seemed to be a sweet spot for Hockey Players. Like over run with Hockey Families.

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Suggestions for nearby family-friendly restaurants

Located right inside the waterpark is the Warming Shelter Snack Bar. But if you want to skip the chicken fingers, pizza, fried food options, either bring your own or we went over to the Provisions General Store and got the best sandwiches. There are much healthier options there that you can bring back over to the Waterpark.

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