Jolly Roger Amusement Park, Ocean City, Maryland

30th St and Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, Maryland 21842

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Address: 30th St and Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, Maryland 21842

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Phone: 410-289-3477
Hours: All attractions open Jun-Aug. For specific times, check schedule. More Info
Price: N/A

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Submitted by: Lissette S.

Loved it for little kids is great not so for bigger kids and adults but for 20 dollars u...

Submitted by: William F.

This place is great for kids and adults alike. They have the great old stand by carnival type rides including a great roller coaster, plus something I've loved since I...

Submitted by: Tom B.

We go every year with the kids. Meant for the little ones only, there isn't too much for the older kids here. For older guys try the other attached parks SpeedWorld...

Submitted by: Alison W.

My grandparents used to drop us off here for the day when they needed a break from our summer-long stay when I was a kid. And it was great. The spinning swing ride is the best, most popular one. The swings have a surprisingly wide, high arc. They have your usual matterhorn-type rides, ...

Submitted by: Angela M.

This is a good place for the wee-ones.  You'll find all kinds of small amusement rides, great mini-golf themes and games to keep them from screaming for hours.  Also a good point for over-maxed wallets is that the prices were reasonable.  I liked this mini-golf place better than the one at Baja Amusements for a few of reasons. It wasn't that the landscaping was nicer looking, but there were no pesky pebbles!  It may have to do with the fact that I was only trailing here by 3 strokes instead of 4 at Baja, but I don't think so.  It could also be that I didn't have a chance to use their restroom and to be disgusted by it as I was a Baja's.  Overall, I think I just  felt like this course was more fun.  Sure the ...

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