Kauai Museum, Lihue/Kalapaki, Hawaii

4428 Rice St, Lihue/Kalapaki, Hawaii

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Submitted by: nalinee m.

kauai museum is located in lihue on rice street. you can find better parking if you park behind the museum. parking on the road congests traffic!! i'm not sure how much the admission is per person, but it's relatively inexpensive. if you have any cameras or cell phones, they'll most likely collect them at the check-in desk and hold them until you're done looking around. they have tours available; you listen to this guy talk about the history of kauai & the hawaiian islands. it's very informative, especially if you haven't been to the islands before and don't know much about the history. the museum has a beautiful collection of niihau shell lei; a rare shell that is only found on the shores of the forbidden i...

Submitted by: Brenda S.

Every once in a while in our travels, we come across hidden treasures. Kauai museum is one example. We went on a Friday at 1030am for the docent-led tour. My son and I ended up having a private tour since no one else showed. What an experience! Three hours and many questions later, we learned an incredible amount of local history. We saw amazing Hawaiian artifacts such as the koa bowls and baskets. There was a Japanese-American exhibit detailing how people in Kauai prepared to defend themselves (no US military was sent here) in case of Japanese invasion. Just reading meeting minutes from this era demonstrated how passionate and sincere people were to defend their island. After the tour, we walked back into t...


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