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Key West Shipwreck Museum, Key West, Florida

1 Whitehead St, Key West, Florida

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Submitted by: Karen R.

Heed my warning!!! Please observe the number and location of cruise ships docked at Mallory Square before paying to visit this museum. That "7-mile view" you should be able to see from the top of the tower was completely blocked by 3 large cruise ships once we got up there and the people running the place, of co...

Submitted by: Jackie N.

"Wreck Ashore!" After visiting, this is what my dad used to yell when my mom would get angry! Despite his interpretation of the term, my mom and the rest of the family loved this place. Like most museums in Key West, the historeum is informat...

Submitted by: Jennifer B.

Wreck Ashore! This is a fun place - great for the kids where they (and you) will learn about some Key West history, have a little fun and get a little exercise as you climb the towe...


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