Kids Market, Vancouver, British Columbia

1496 Cartwright St, Vancouver, British Columbia

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Stroller rentals are available on the second floor.

Address: 1496 Cartwright St, Vancouver, British Columbia

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Phone: 604-689-8447
Hours: Mon-Sun 10 am - 6 pm
Price: Free

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Submitted by: JY F.

Granville Island is a wonderful place for families despite the lack of kids enjoy taking transit there and consider it an adventure. Kids Only is one of their absolute favorite stops and the candystore and Crystal Ark within the kids narket are mandatory stops for them! During the spring and summer the kids and I stop by at least once a month for a fun family outing!  Be sure to really explore Granville Island as there are a lot of great little shops, small quiet grassy areas and beautiful views hidden throughout the large area.   If you take my advice on transit and aren't in a rush to get home, take the aquabus and explore yaletown and downtown before hoping on the train/bus.  It's not too exp...

Submitted by: Toshi I.

Great place for the kids to play and for mommies to get their shopping fix for overpriced toys.  This is a local place for kids to have birthday parties and maybe a few hours of entertainment. There's a park and a  water park section was not in operation due to the season but that didnt stop the kids from playing.   My only concern was that near the wate...

Submitted by: El B.

Whenever I have friends and family visiting from out of town the Kids Market is our first stop.  In the summer we bring our bathing suits for an afternoon frolicing for free in the water park.  Bring your own lunch and save...

Submitted by: Amanda D.

If you want your kids to go into a happy crazed overload, take them to Kids Market. Don't be foolish and think you won't spend some money though, otherwise it may be a bit of a tease as children are surrounded by toys, puzzles, games, books, CDs, movies, education toys, craft kits, science kits, dolls, action figures, candy, an arcade, play area and kid friendly restaurants. You can also schedule birthday parties here or take your kid for a day of pampering at the salon...little creepy, but to each his own. The prices are a bit high and you may feel overloaded if you're the type who only honestly likes their own kids, but the Kids Market tries to make itself fun for adults too. Perhaps this place is somethin...

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