Kua Bay Beach Park, Kailua-Kona/Keauhou, Hawaii

Queen Ka'ahumanu Hwy (between mile markers 88 and 89), Kailua-Kona/Keauhou, Hawaii 96740

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Tips for Families

There is no shade at the beach so bring an umbrella. To get to the beach, you must climb over lava rocks, so the beach is not stroller-accessible.

Address: Queen Ka'ahumanu Hwy (between mile markers 88 and 89), Kailua-Kona/Keauhou, Hawaii 96740

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Hours: Open 24 hours
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Eric M.

This is a great beach, perfect white sand and clear blue water. In regards to the girl below who wrote that she was told that this was a "secret" beach; while this is now a state beach park, as recently as 2005 (?) this was all unimproved coast-line with only 4WD access (extreme 4wd). There were no signs or anything on the highway. Also, since you can't see the sand, etc. from the highway, people wouldn't immediately know that a beach was there. There used to be lots of camping, and big parties down there since you couldn't see it from the road, and there was limited access for authorities to check up on you. In the winter, with the right swell, there is a great surf break off the northern point. I just got ...

Submitted by: Sheena E.

What a gem!  So far it seems like not everyone knows about this little beach because it wasn't crazy busy the few times we went.  The sand is so soft!  The water was warm and inviting.  Clear teal blue water and the waves weren't too much to handle.  Perfect for families.  There is no shade so bring an umbrella, some snacks and enjoy.  There is no sign...

Submitted by: Oh Y.

The paved road to this beach, the parking lot, and the permanent showers and restrooms are relatively recent "improvements".  Up until a couple of years ago, we'd have to hike down to this beach and we'd get to enjoy it without a pile of people to the left, right and all around you.  The "impro...

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