Liberty Bell Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Market St and 6th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

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Address: Market St and 6th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

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Phone: 215-965-2305
Hours: Mon-Sun 9 am - 7 pm. Seasonal and holiday hours vary. For additional details, check schedule. More Info
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Go early in the morning for shorter lines.

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Submitted by: Mich L.

Visited just after the July 4th on a weekday so there wasn't a horrible crowd. There's a security checkpoint in the beginning but the guards know that you probably aren't trying to blow up the Liberty Bell or do worse. Watching a group of private elementary schoolers getting checked was amusing. A guard asked, "who wants to go first!?!" and the kids looked at each other, shrugged, and were like, "me!! (I guess.)" There's a decent amount of educational material and reading on the Liberty Bell, which you get to see at the very end. It is a little anti-climactic when you realize the bell looks like.....well, an ordinary bell with a crack on it. Still, even though the bell isn't big or golden or shiny or anythin...

Submitted by: J M.

When I patronize this famous landmark in all of its miniature museum-like glory, I walk around really slowly while pretending to read the exhibits. In actuality, I'm trying to calculate the likelihood of me getting to touch the bell without getting in trouble but it's never empty enough to get away with it... I really want to touch that bell. I have more pictures of me standing next to the bell than anything else in this city. Every time a family member or friend visits, it's sort of a required stop. Usually a 10-30 minute affair depending on how much your family/friends care about what the exhibits have to say. You all know the story. If you don't, wiki it on your iPhone while standing in line. Eyes on the ...

Submitted by: Janice F.

It's a quick-see; you get in line, have your bag checked (no food or drink inside), check out the posters/information, and then you find the Liberty Bell at the end. You obviously can't touch it but it's close enough that you feel that close to history. I went here on a Friday and...

Submitted by: Edward L.

Back when I taught for the city, I took some students here and had the embarrassing opportunity to remove my belt, empty my pockets, and step through a metal detector, all to see a bell that never worked! Well, this past weekend I took some visiting family to see it, and they finally reduced their security but not completely (lord forbid we damage the broken peice of metal). Anyway, this building is slightly overdone. Sure, it's nice to have some history leading up to it but the exhibit has no flow, follows a very thin thread of chronology...well, actually it just follows a mish-mash of facts thrown together throughout time. And the building is sort of a waste. Half isn't ever used. When you reach the bell, ...

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