Lombard Street, San Francisco, California

1000-1099 Lombard St, San Francisco, California 94133

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Address: 1000-1099 Lombard St, San Francisco, California 94133

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Submitted by: Loli L.

It's a squiggly street. Though not the squiggliest street in the city, it sits between what certain children refer to as "a lot of up and down streets." If you're into these sorts of things (or ...

Submitted by: Anita D.

A true San Francisco Icon!  If you are here on a nice day, the view from the top is just absolutely br...

Submitted by: Alberto E.

Tourist Spot, look for the mini van with the three kids and crazy parents. I felt like a celebrity because of all the paparazzi, "tourist", taking pictures of everyone driving down the street. It was cool sticking my head out of the window while taki...

Submitted by: Becky U.

My dad was a traveler and took all of us places one as a kid can only imagine.. caught on video tape (33+) years later, i look back and s...

Submitted by: Jennifer N.

Driving down here is lame-whatever, who cares-especially if you are the one driving (which I often am, taking family from the east coast here.) Ahh, but walking up and down this stretch-now that's a different story. I've been wanting to do this for some time and yesterday on a beautiful sunny day, I had my chance. After a city hike through the various areas of Russian Hill, I wound up here and went down on one side, back up the other. Seeing the actual houses close up was pretty cool as well as getting to see the views, which my often dirty car windows has always obstructed. Afterwards, kept heading up Lombard to Sterling Park and took a quick spin through there-met 3 friendly dogs and their owner as well as...

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