Louisiana Children's Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana

420 Julia St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

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Address: 420 Julia St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

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Phone: 504-523-1357
URL: http://lcm.org/
Hours: Check schedule More Info
Price: Adults and Children over 1: $8; Children under 1: Free

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My 5 year old was the perfect age for our visit

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Admission is charged for both children and adults. The museum is about a 15-25 minute walk from the French Quarter. Public parking is available and starts around $5.

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Submitted by: Anna L.

The biggest hit: the art room! Thank you so much for letting my three girls have a blast on Lemonade Day making signs! They were inspired when we got home to have their own stand and donate to our Knoxville animal shelter. My kids have been to ...

Submitted by: Elena O.

LCM may just be my favorite place EVER in New Orleans, more than any bar or music club, restaurant or bedroom. My best first date ever was spent playing house in the New Orleans architecture section, having a puppet show by Mister Roger's House, enclosing ourselves in a giant bubble and then wisking away to the (formerly Schweggman's Grocery) WinnDixie to discover pizza and ice cream before I was rescued by my then-boyfriend from my burning house, being carried out the open window to the safety of his ambulance. Where else can a child-at-heart spend the day playing make believe and actually learning things? I spent my 21st birthday here quite happily forgetting how old I felt Ever since then many a rainy day...

Submitted by: Marisa X.

I haven't been here since I was a kid myself! Took the kids yesterday, come to find out it was a free admission day. I still remember when I was young and that bubble you wrap yourself in... or the Winn Dixie ...

Submitted by: Jennifer B.

Prior to even going to the Children's Museum for the first time, I went online and purchased a membership. I figure I might as well get unlimited access for $55 rather than paying $16 for the kid and I to get in each time. I had heard good things about the Museum from Yelp, co-workers, and family members, so it seemed worthwhile. Anywho, after showing the receptionist my printed out memebership email (while she was on the phone the entire time and didn't say a word to me), I met up with Haley S. and her daughter. Our kids roamed around the toddler area and had a blast. There is a lego table, a train table, a play kitchen complete with cabinets to open and close, books, climbing things, slides, tons of toys, ...

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