Lucy the Elephant, Margate City, New Jersey

9200 Atlantic Ave, Margate City, New Jersey 08402

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Address: 9200 Atlantic Ave, Margate City, New Jersey 08402

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Phone: 609-823-6473
Hours: Check schedule More Info
Price: Adults: $7; Children (3-11): $4; Children under 3: Free More Info

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Submitted by: Heather S.

Lucy the Elephant, not sure when or how I heard of you but I knew I had to go see you when I visited the Jersey Shore this summer.  The drive from Wildwood (where we were staying) was not bad at all.  Our directions were a little confusing towards the end but I looked up and saw a giant elephant so I knew, that has to be Lucy! Lucy stands close to a beach.  Parking is free for people visiting Lucy for an hour or 2.  I can't remember exactly. They have a little restaurant nearby as well as benches to wait until the next tour.  We just missed the 1:30pm tour when we got there.  The greeter dude ran out and said we should be able to catch it but the door was locked by the time we bought our tickets.  My BF was ...

Submitted by: Georgianne V.

I've wanted to go see Lucy the Elephant for years and finally got to go yesterday. I found the whole thing charming, including the slightly tacky...

Submitted by: Karen F.

What fun!  My daughter just loved it here...

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