Luis Muñoz Rivera Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Calle San Agustin (between Ave Ponce de León and Ave Muñoz Rivera), San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Submitted by: Alessa M.

For those who's Spanish is a little off, this is a park. It's a great place for the kids to run around. A lot of weekends live bands come out and play mini shows in the park. You wanna stay for those, those shows are amazing. People dance and it's like one big party. If you can take a look down a...

Submitted by: Carla B.

O-kay... Well, whether you slip, hit your head and hallucinate because you *chose* to skate during bad weather through a 1/2 inch of rain; OOORR you simply safely stroll around looking for a nice spot to take your kids to, just know this park is one of the oldest in the island, and a nice, old-school way to kill time. But as is the case with beaches in Puerto Rico, avoid it during very late afternoon and night time unless there's a special event of some sort. There's an awesome nearby hamburger joint, creatively called "El Hamburger"  :-P  where you can have the best cheap burger afterwards.  Or perhaps go to Old San Juan or Condado, which are both less than 10 minutes away by car. --------------------------...


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