Magiquest, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

1185 Celebrity Cir, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Submitted by: Kim H.

This was our reason for coming to Myrtle Beach. It is a really cool place. We first played MagiQuest at a Great Wolf Lodge and made the trip here to go to a 'Mega' location. I found out later, this was the first one. It is good for all age groups. If you like wizards and quests, you will love this place. The quests start simple but get progressively harder. At the end of a block of them you have a battle with a creature and its a huge video game. If you play at one location, you information is available at every location, but you start over at a new location. FUN, FUN, FUN. However, one warning, if its not your cup of tea, and you are taking your kids, you will want them to be old enough to run off by themse...

Submitted by: jill c.

Love this place! My sister and I commiserate over the fact that this place didn't exist when we were young. If you like fairies and dragons and castles, you will get a kick out of playing here. What's not to like about getting to pick out your own wand and casting spells? My sister has been to a few of these Magiquests and convinced me to take my kids while we were on vacation. My oldest one loved it, she was captivated for the full hour and a half, running from one place to another. My youngest enjoyed herself, but was a little frustrated with the technical difficulties with the wand. This is my reason for removing one star; when you're paying by the minute for time spent playing, it is EXTREMELY frustratin...

Submitted by: Kris K.

If you're a kid (or a grown up giant idiot like me) then this is approximately the best thing ever. Run around inside a fantasy world, whip your wand at stuff, earn gold, battle evil fiends. It's fantastic. We did the "enhanced wand" package with 90 minutes of play time and didn't even come close to discovering everything. Plus, they have an additional scavenger hunt quest that takes you all the way around the Broadway complex. Endless fun for children or huge dorks. I docked one star only because a few things didn't work as well as they should. Your wand is a little electronic remote control that's supposed to activate all the artifacts and treasure chests, but it's pretty bare bones in terms of technology ...

Submitted by: Roni G.

The kids love it!  It is fun even if you are not into Harry Potter or fantasy.  If you like riddles or puzzles, you'll enjoy MagiQuest.  You get to pick out a wand and elaborate on the design by adding toppers like a skull or unicorn or illuminated gem!  You can totally drop a load of cash here.  I usually warn my kids we will buy the basic wand, but no...

Submitted by: Mary J.

It's like a video game you play in person!  You get a wand, point it at stuff and it opens chests and does other stuff.  This ranked high with the 4 boys at my house. This is located at Broadway on the Beach by the IMAX.  The parking can be crowded, you have to...


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