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Martin Luther King National Historic Site, Atlanta, Georgia

450 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia

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MLK Site: Civil Rights History All Around You

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Tips for Families

Recently the National Park Service has started giving out trading cards about the sites. Ask if they have any cards. We've collected ones from several different sites and it's a fun way to learn about the places, and people associated with the site. Have lunch at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market. The site has a unique history of it's own. Initially called the Municipal Market, it was changed to reflect the experience of the black shoppers who could only patronize the stalls on the curb.

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Submitted by: sierra l.

I enjoyed my self at the MLK center see his birth home which you actually have  to go really early to get a ticket to go inside if you want to visit the same day. I loved all the exhibits that they had about his life. I kind of wished they talked about Corretta's accomplishments to because I have to say behind every great man is a great women. I enjoy...

Submitted by: Julie A.

What a great tribute to one of the greatest leaders in recent history (and in my opinion, THE greatest leader in recent American history). If it wasn't for Martin Luther King, Jr., many of us would not be where we are today. Last year, my son and I stood at the place where he made his famous speech in Washington, DC, so it was great to walk through Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he was a pastor, and learn more about him at the visitor's center. We also paid some respect to him at his tomb. There really isn't much you can do that could measure up to what he has accomplished in the history and society of the United States. One simple but profound truth that we are all equal regardless of our labels is what he ...

Submitted by: Mike C.'s FREE for everyone. Though they do accept donations. It's actually several buildings all within walking distance from each other that is managed by the Department of the Interior National Park Service. That's why you see the workers in their green uniforms. The history center has the actual museum. It's best to start here so you can get a guide and tickets for MLK's house. There are several mini exhibits next to each other where one can learn about the bus boycotts, MLK's speeches, and other civil rights movements during the early 60's. The disadvantage of having these mini exhibits bunched up together is that all of them have some sort of video playing super loud, that pretty much drowns out th...

Submitted by: Lucy W.

A must-see for any Atlantan or visitor to Atlanta....I can't believe I had not visited this National Park site that is practically down the street from where I live.  The visitor center had an exhibit that was a tribute to the entire life of Martin Luther King Jr, with curved walls with items from his life and era, TVs with his speeches and sermons, and facts and information about his life, family and the civil rights movement in chronological order.  My only critique is that the space and flow of the exhibit is a little cramped, especially since I visited during MLK weekend when the crowds of visitors were a little bigger.  Other sites near the visitor center include the original and current Ebenezer Baptis...

Submitted by: Dee Dee C.

Let me preface this whole review by saying I am a little biased when it comes to the MLK Center. I love Dr. King and everything he stood for in terms of his philosophy on civil rights. However, I will try to make this review not about Dr. King, but about the MLK Center. I have been to the MLK Center on more than one occasion and each time I have been there has been better than the next, because I always find or see something different that I hadn't been before. In my opinion the MLK is a must see for any person who has the opportunity to visit Atlanta. The history and the neighborhood surrounding the MLK Center in itself is a must see. At the center you can tour Dr. King's childhood home, see his Noble Peace...

Submitted by: Peyton S.

You must, must, must go on a tour of the King Center. Trust me, I know how easy it is to live in a city and NEVER visit the things that tourists visit FIRST. Nevertheless, this tour is actually worth it. While the center itself can seem a bit sparse, the best part of the tour is the visit to Dr. King's childhood home. As soon as you walk into what is truly a lovely home you're hit by how amazing this man really was and is. You realize that this man could have happily gone along in Sweet Auburn, in a lovely home, in a lovely community enjoying the same level of prosperity as his father and grandfather.  Instead this great man, didn't get blinded by the so called bird in his family's hand and attempted to get ...

Submitted by: InfodivaMLIS B.

Yo Martin. Happy Birthday To Ya. I am singing the Stevie Wonder Song for you. You have always inspired me. I remember crying about your assassination at age 11 years old. It just hit me how hateful and evil White Supremacists are.  I cried because...Gosh..Wow...Somebody could hate me...even if I did nothing to them. You see... I have always been that "Child on the hill, hand-in-hand " Mano e Mano with children of other races. I am color blind. I am looking for the "Content of a person's character" I want to fulfill your dream. Half a Million People on the Mall in Washington D.C. is no joke. I was so happy to visit your old hood. The neighborhood Fire station( Deep History) I enjoyed looking at your childhood...


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