Mayflower II, Plymouth, Massachusetts

137 Warren Ave, Plymouth, Massachusetts . 02

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Address: 137 Warren Ave, Plymouth, Massachusetts . 02

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Phone: 508-746-1622
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Submitted by: Belle F.

Took advantage of the discounted admission price to Mayflower II if you also visited Plimoth Plantation.  Regular admission to Mayflower II was supposedly $10 and I don't know if it would be worth that just on it's own, though I am sure the kids would think so! Interesting to see the replica of the ship, and amazing to think they fit 102 people onto there, although one of the staff members did say that the Mayflower was originally designed to carry cargo, not humans, so that makes sense.  Staff members are very knowledgeable - like when we asked what had happened to the original Mayflower (went down and was sold for salvage).  Also interesting to hear about  the building of the Mayflower II and how it was sa...

Submitted by: Karen F.

Absolutely under-whelming. To be sure, we visited on a day that was pouring with rain - but even so - it took about 20 minutes to go through the replica of the Mayflower. Staffers aboard (There were 3) spoke in a fakey sounding"Olde English". The best "actor" aboard was a staffer on the top deck who explained (in his regular voice) the history of the 102 original pilgrims. (One lady gave birth mid ocean, another aboard while docked, and a third gave birth to a baby one US Soil that did not survive before the first "American" baby was  born. Interesting history - but not worth $10 admission ($9.00 with triple A discount). Get this only as a Combo Ticket with Plimouth Plantation (which is worth the cash).  It ...

Submitted by: Fin H.

I can't see how you can visit Massachusetts and not visit the Mayflower II. It is not an exact duplicate but is strongly based on ships of that size and similiar design from the 17th Century. It is amazing that a ship of her size could carry  two disassembled smaller ships (shallops), various supplies, animals, etc along with the 102 passengers and a crew of 25 to 30 men (of whom I descend from five of them) Having visited her a few times as a child and several times lately it is always fun to listen to the different actors portraying the crew (Capt Jones will scare you!). The ship itself is sea worthy, in 2007 it sailed about Plymouth Harbor in celebration of its 1957 Atlantic crossing. Under sail in 2007: ...

Submitted by: brian s.

Definitely not a cruise ship My friends and I absolutely loved visiting this ship. I love ships and sailing and this puts the whole idea in a different perspective. Of course it's small when compared to the modern ocean going vessels but it's not that small, plus I was amazed at the workmanship. The Mayflower II is an reproduction of the original and I guess by 1620 the ship builders knew what they were doing. It must have been some trip going across the ocean but after actually going around the ship and hearing about the history not nearly as intimidating as I thought it would be. The staff on board did a good job of staying in character but more importantly they knew what they were talking about and could ...

Submitted by: Chi N.

tinnnyyyyy ship that wasn't even the original mayflower, rebuilt and sailed in 1950... across the atlantic to where it is today.  kind of cool to look at as it really did sail across despite its size and toylike features... again role playing charac...

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