Morgan’s Wonderland, San Antonio, Texas

5223 David Edward Dr, San Antonio, Texas 78233

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The park is fun for children of all abilities.

Address: 5223 David Edward Dr, San Antonio, Texas 78233

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Phone: 210-637-3434
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Submitted by: Laura W.

We had an absolute blast! The place is targeted at special needs children but is fun for ALL children. Note that we tried to reserve tickets online and had issues - it told us there was no space available - but when I called they told us to go on over and there was hardly anyone there on a Sunday. If you have a special needs child, they are free and everyone else is $10. If you don't, it's $15. There was SOOO much to do. A carousel, a train that rode around a beautiful lake, fishing (a staff member helps you, it's catch and release), remote control boats, water cannons that you shoot at windmills to turn, the most interesting playground equipment we have EVER seen, butterfly themed and pirate themed playgrou...

Submitted by: Abie Z.

My children and I have been here a few times.  We enjoy not being rushed through a theme park.  Here we get to relax and enjoy everything.  We thought we would of spent 2-3 hours but ended up staying from open to close.  My chi...

Submitted by: Krys T.

I'm really impressed that we have such a special place in San Antonio. Morgan's Wonderland is a theme park with a very special audience in mind. They cater to making amusement park-type rides accessible to children with special needs. From wheelchair-accessible playgrounds and trains to the Sensory Village, there is something here for everyone, no matter your age and regardless of whether you have special needs and considerations or not. Another aspect of this park that I find particularly inspiring is that they want it to be available to children who need it despite financial situations. Anyone entering with a child who has a special need will be able to do so at a very discounted price. I love that we have...

Submitted by: Jamie L.

Morgans is a theme park geared towards mentally disabled children. Admission is $15 per person or $5 if you are accompanied by a disabled child. They have several rides including a merry-go-round and a train...

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