Mount Bonnell, Austin, Texas

3800 Mt Bonnell Dr, Austin, Texas 78731

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Address: 3800 Mt Bonnell Dr, Austin, Texas 78731

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Phone: 512-974-6700
Hours: Mon-Sun 5 am - 10 pm
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Alison S.

This is a super short hike to a BEAUTIFUL view.  I've been here a few times, and each time, there was nobody else there so it's a super romantic spot.  Also, since the hike is so short, it's a good spot for families.  You would need to watch kids climbing on the walls though because it could get ...

Submitted by: Trina H.

While I enjoyed the view (of both the city skyline, river and mansions down below), I was rather disappointed. I thought I was in for a workout. Turns out, the most strenuous I felt was after climbing those 100 steps. That was about it. Although, for kids, they would REALLY enjoy it. My four year old totally loved it an...

Submitted by: Richard D.

If you've lived or visited in an other city (or state) that isn't flat, then this place gets 1 star.  Sorry, but I was born and raised in Houston, which is even flatter, but I've lived in Washington, DC, the SF Bay area and visited countless nice viewpoints with my boo;  She just loves to make me take nice romantic walks and views at sunset. If you're from Texas or Louisiana, then this place is friggen amazing! My boo and I were visiting Austin one summer on a whirlwind tour of my home state.  It was super hot.  The mercury was easily pushing close to 100 degrees and the humidity was so thick, it felt like being in a sauna.  I searched on yelp for good views. Surely, TX hill country must have some good views...

Submitted by: Jessica M.

Mount Bonnell was kind of disappointing. I'm sorry kids, but, it was. First of all, the "hike" is not bad at all. Seriously. Did I go up the wrong mount? You can either go up about 100 steps, or go up a trail, but it's not steep or strenuous. Yes, the view is really nice, but do people come here to see the view... or to gaze at all the mansions below? Because most people I saw were looking down at the houses, not out at the water. There are also a LOT of couples. Like just kind of... being couple-y. So if you're a single, bitter person, I definitely would sit this place out. Or bring tomatoes and throw them at the gross lip lockers. I don't know Mount Bonnell, I think you're nice, but I feel like there are b...

Submitted by: jocy c.

Mount Bonnell is a great place to visit to see the sunset while in Austin.    It's a very versatile place... good for couples (romantic) but...

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