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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

465 Huntington Ave, Boston, Massachusetts

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Submitted by: Kelly R.

Excellent art museum.  I saw the Showa sophistication: Japan in 1930s exhibition back in 2009 while I was visiting my friend.  It was excellent but very...

Submitted by: Kelli P.

I love this place. The exhibits are set up in a way that makes complete sense! Every square inch of this place is covered in art and history! Tickets are very reasonably priced! If you are a student, you may be able to get in for free and active military members also get free admission! My husband, his best friend and I went on Friday night because to our surprise, they do not close until quarter of ten! We were able to beat all the hustle and bustle of Boston and spend a nice relaxed evening in the most beautiful museum! On a Friday night, there are no crowds, no children crying and fussing, and you are able to see EVERYTHING! If you are in the Boston area, this is a must see! Bored on a Friday night, then ...

Submitted by: Sally B.

Love the MFA, hate the way they treat their members. I've been coming here since I was a kid.  I have all my favorite paintings that I've tracked across the world, the Monets and Van Gogh's that I visit each time, and the gift shop that always manages to get some of my money. But I like this place a lot less since I became a member.  Last year, they totally changed their membership policy in the middle of the year.  Instead of being allowed to bring one free guest on each visit, I was now allowed to bring a guest just once for the next 7 months of my year membership.  I called, I pleaded, I talked to people in person, I wrote letters - no one was at all willing to consider that this wasn't cool, and to grand...

Submitted by: Julie S.

I finally got a chance to go experience the new wing at the MFA.  It was perhaps not as grand as I might have expected from all the hype, but there were enough pieces to certainly wow me.  In fact, in a smaller city, this would certainly be a full and impressive museum collection all on its own. There are pieces I could get lost away on for hours, and of course others I  could do without.  But that is what is nice about art, and interesting about attending with someone else. I love to see what other people are intrigued by. And sometimes they point out elements of a piece I never noticed myself and give me a new appreciation I would not otherwise have. We didn't get to spend too much time here as it was our ...

Submitted by: D C.

The MFA is impressive in size, breadth, etc. etc. The new Chihuly exhibit has attracted a ton of attention, and I was SO excited to see it.  As an SMFA student, my ID gets me into the museum for free, and other Yelp-ers tipped me off about the free entry after 4 on Wednesdays feature, so I brought two friends.  I was uber-polite to the greeter at the Fenway entrance, but she informed me the Chihuly exhibit was "at capacity for the evening."  (Huh?  Are the current viewers planning to move into the exhibit permanently or would they perhaps be leaving at some point, to allow other visitors in?)  She also informed me that only "members" would be allowed in, now that capacity had been reached.  I was really conf...

Submitted by: Meghan C.

The museum itself is, physically, fantastic - A gorgeous building with wonderful pieces of art...Highly recommended! It also is free (voluntary donation) on Wednesday nights after 4pm which allows you more than enough time to see everything by close at 9:45...Also parking is discounted at 5pm to only $15 for the evening - not bad at all. My complaint is regarding the customer service of the workers there. By far the worst I've seen. Ever. In any place, museum, restaurant, retail store, anywhere. Absolutely atrocious. I went two weeks in a row, and the first visit we left shaking our heads over the terrible customer service and rude employees, but still overall satisfied by the experience. A week later, our v...

Submitted by: Bradley N.

ABCD Season One, Episode Eight : "The Art of Listening (Finale)" Conversation overhead here. Loosely translated. A: Finally! We can get away from that infernal conference and just hang out with some fine art. What a relief! B: Well, sure, if you have $20 for the admission. It should be free to the public. That's what they would do in Europe. or Canada! America is such a pay-to-play sort of place. A: You never miss an opportunity to be unhappy, do you? And here we are surrounded by great art, sculpture, and photography. Can't you set politics aside for just a minute and simply enjoy the view? B: No. (sulks in silence while A looks at the John Singer Sargent murals). D: (to C) We just HAVE to see the Richard A...

Submitted by: Amanda M.

I haven't been here in years. As a kid, we went at least a half dozen times on school field trips and looked at the European art. As a college freshman, I went on a really bad date and looked at the Egyptian art. Then, last night, I went to check out the new Art of the Americas section that everyone has been raving about. My parents, sister, grandmother and I spent a good few hours on this section alone. The place has done a fabulous renovation job. In order to see all of the sections of the museum, you'd need the entire day (unless you're racing through and not really looking). I loved the galleries and it was all set up very well. The Americas section has a lot of ornate furniture, vases, glassware, instru...

Submitted by: Caitlin C.

My first experience with the MFA was in elementary school - I mean, really, what school kid in Massachusetts DIDN'T go here on at least one field trip? I'm a huge museum buff, and this is one of the mu...


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