Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas, Texas

1318 S 2nd Ave, Dallas, Texas 75210

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Address: 1318 S 2nd Ave, Dallas, Texas 75210

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Phone: 214-428-5555
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Submitted by: Mark h.

First vist yesterday.  Here's my review chronologically: Parking:  Great.  Free, abundant, and close to the building. Prices:  High for what you get, add-on charges for movie and special exhibit but base price includes admission to nearby natural history museum (and others I've since learned--nobody told us at the ticket counter about any of them).  (Bias Disclaimer:  I grew up with the Smithsonian musems as my local museums.  They are at least 10 times the quality of this museum and admission is FREE.) Exhibits:  What was there was pretty good but there wasn't much there.  Some exhibit space was closed and a lot of the space was devoted to play areas for preschool kids (mine are older).  In addition, some s...

Submitted by: Heather L.

A general admission ticket to the Museum of Nature and Science gets you access to 3 museums -- Science, Children's (the basement level of the Science museum), and Nature (also known as the Natural History Museum, in a separate building). Technically, you also have access to the exhibits at the Planetarium -- but they aren't worth the walk to yet another building. Shows at the IMAX and Planetarium cost extra, as does access to whatever special traveling exhibit is going on at the time (when we were there it was something called "Chinasaurs". If I could rate each museum, I would give the Children's Museum 4 stars and the other museums 2. The Children's Museum is for ages 6 and under. (Older siblings are allowe...

Submitted by: Tiffany L.

Well, better than the Ft. Worth museum, but still quite small and underwhelming.   We walked over here on a Saturday morning to catch and IMAX show and were quite surprised by how empty the theatre was.  I've never been in such an empty IMAX theatre.   Afterward we bummed around the museum and pretty much saw all that there was to see in under...

Submitted by: nelissa s.

Birthday party @ the museum for my sons 5th birthday. For the price $250 non members and 20 kids plus adults it's totally worth it.  Got lots of compliments of the unique idea to have it here vs the normal chuck e cheese, jump town etc.  We had a firefighter theme and one thing not to do is an ice cream cake since they do not accommodate but we made it work.  Staff is nice enough not overly pumped up as I would have like just there to do their job.  However the kids were so excited since we got to invite his whole pre k class mates!  One extra that they don't really tell you is that after the 2 hour birthday guests can stay to enjoy the museum on their own.  Great for extended families that you can't really ...

Submitted by: Christy D.

I'm rating this with 3 stars b/c of how tired this place has become.  I understand there is a new state-of-the-art facility being built to replace it as we speak, but that doesn't mean that you have to let the current establishment go to pot.  We took our 3 year old and opted to see the dinosaur exhibit since he's never seen dinosaurs like this.  Although my husband loved it, our son wasn't too impressed really, nor was I but it may be because I'm not a huge dino fan.  I'm not sure what his indifference was.  Maybe it was due to the fact that it was really geared towards school aged children and not pre-k.  Once we got into the rest of the museum, he started having fun.  The ultimate fun came, however, when ...

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