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Museum of Science, Boston, Massachusetts

1 Science Park, Boston, Massachusetts

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Buy a combo ticket for the IMAX theater/planetarium and Exhibit Halls to save money.

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Submitted by: Eli L.

Went here because of DINOSAURS! $22 standard adult admission, no student discount unless you are MIT student :( PLANETARIUM: When we just arrived we were hanging out near the planetarium and one of the mom and her daughter had to leave; she was really nice and gave us her two tickets to see the show. :) This was a really nice planetarium with dual full-dome projectors and an optical-mechanical planetarium projector system ( ). The only utilized the planetarium projector once during the intro, otherwise the show was prerendered projector video. It was a good deal more technical/scientific than at AMNH, so I liked. The rest of the museum is a mixture of different rooms dedicated to di...

Submitted by: Mike W.

I checked out the Pompeii exhibit, and wow was it powerful. The artifacts are all pretty much par for the course.  Of course they all had great attention to detail and I'm always amazed at how everything has lasted so many generations. Try to find a IKEA table still standing in 2,000 years... But what really left me speechless was  the Mount Vesuvius section of the exhibit, more specifically the destruction it did. They start with a very high quality video recreation of the 24 hours during the volcano's eruption and total inhalation of the city.  Then you walk into a room that is filled with casts of various bodies that were found in the rubble of Pompeii in the wake of Vesuvius.  Men, women, children, coupl...

Submitted by: Jessica B.

Not for adults. The special exhibit, A Day in Pompeii, was very good. This is a traveling exhibit though, so I can't give the museum all of the credit there. Do not bother with the audio tour. The rest of the museum was all hands-on experiences for children. The exhibits were only minimally educational. I felt like the w...

Submitted by: Matt C.

Haven't been here in years, but the exhibits were awesome even though the tickets cost a lot of money I would still go back. My 4yr old daughter loved it. We got there 2 hrs before closing, but they said that we could come back for free within the next 6 months. Unfortunately we left Boston the next day and probably won't be back in time, but still worth it. Be careful, the gift shop is a trap with lots of cool stuff and they sucked almost $300 out of me and I didn't get anything for myself. Oh well, it's better to give right? The only disappointment I have is that they got rid of some of my favorite exhibits like the guitar that you play by interrupting the light beam and the bubble exhibit... I wanted my d...

Submitted by: Natasha k.

WOW!! I really do wish we had a Museum of Science here in Cali.... there were so many things to see and do in such a short amount of time. The special exhibit was of Pompeii when I went.... "Get a glimpse of daily life in Pompeii, one of Imperial Rome's most cosmopolitan cities. Hundreds of artifacts -- including body casts of the volcano's victims -- bring to light the vibrancy of this bustling resort town, but the darkening skies ahead and violent sounds of Vesuvius spewing ash and debris signal imminent danger." -mos On Exhibit through February 12, 2012 Check out for more info. I learned so much about the earth, nature, science in the playground, dinosaurs, the human body, birth, agricu...

Submitted by: David F.

Things I liked about this place: Astronaut ice cream Self serve kiosks to buy your tickets The omni therater is amazing Bal...

Submitted by: Julie H.

I dont know. This place used to seem so huge to me when I was a kid, but I feel like every time I go, I am missing something... and I always feel bad waiting for a turn to look at a cool exhibit cause there's always kids waiting too... I feel like the kids should be first, even if i DID just wait a half hour. I do get free admission because I am a Massachusetts teacher, but the cool exhibits are never free for me. Just the same old same old crappy ones I've seen time and time again. There are a few cool things that I have seen there, like a real human heart and things, but there's always too many kids I don't wanna push them outta the way (even though they do it to me). But the Museum is easy to get to on fo...

Submitted by: Leo F.

I remember that this place was huge and would be great for kids.  There were so many exhibits that a single afternoon wouldn't be enough to appreciate all of it.  The items that ...

Submitted by: Ira H.

We have a family membership to the MOS and go a few times a year.  The place is great for kids and adults.  The staff and volunteers seem to really care about the experience of the guests.  I would say that the volunteers especially seem to want to teach science. As ...


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