NASCAR Speedpark, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

1820 21st Ave N, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577

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Address: 1820 21st Ave N, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577

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Phone: 843-918-8725
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Submitted by: Elizabeth D.

It's worth it to buy the all-day pass (at $32) if you plan on riding more than a few rides. Each ticket is $3.50 and a ride is generally 3 tickets. We'd advise an early morning trip. The lines were not long at all (5-10 minutes max). After lunch the crowds were crazy. We waited 30 minutes to go on one ride. I was a bit b...

Submitted by: T H.

Overpriced. A 90 minute wait time for 3 to 4 minutes of racing. Didn't get a chance to ...

Submitted by: Rich W.

The NASCAR go-carts were a lot of fun. We did not buy the day-pass ($2.50 discount in most tourist booklets) but purchase the $50 package which gave us 25 tickets. Yes, it is expensive; your options are $25 for 10 tickets and $50 for 25 tickets or day-pass for $32.50. They do sell single tickets too so you can use the leftovers. And it did get hot on the tracks. Most of the tracks required 3-tickets a ride and it may be cheaper to just buy a day-pass for $30 with the coupon but we had 5 people and did not want to stay the whole day. We just wanted one or two rides each just to try it. Over two days of visits all five of us had fun racing. The souvenir shop is cool and not too expensive, the game area was lar...

Submitted by: Amanda A.

I like this place, but compared to everything else there is to do in Myrtle Beach - there is no real draw for me to return here. It is pricey and you have lineups to deal with. If you are not a racer, it gets boring real fast (parents, watch out!). The key thing to remember here is EVERYTHING costs money - even a ce...

Submitted by: Mary J.

SLOW service and expensive, but what do you expect in a tourist attraction?  This is a unique thing to do when visiting the Myrtle Beach area.  After all, how many times can you play miniature golf? We got here 15 minutes after they opened and spent 20 minutes in line to buy tickets.  When you get to where you can actually buy the tickets, it gets confusing.  Some rides are 1 ticket, some 2 tickets, but most are 3 tickets (about $6 each).  Then not all the kids can go on all the rides.  There are height restrictions. They try to sell you an all day pass which is about $35 which means you would go on 11 rides.  You have to wait at least 20 minutes to get on a ride (the kiddie rides aren't bad), and it's hotte...

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