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NBC Universal Studio Tour, New York City, New York

30 Rockefeller Plz, New York City, New York

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Submitted by: Chris L.

The enthusiastic tour guide points across the group (of families and couples; I'm there by myself) and shouts "Welcome! Where you all from??" A family of 4 shouts "Toronto!" Another elderly couple declares "Kansas City" On and on the guide surveys the group and the travels they endured to be there, until he got to me. He points  and asks ...

Submitted by: Juleigh J.

$20 for a 90 minute tour was well worth it for me. My son and I are "30 Rock" fanatics so maybe we were a little biased but we really liked this. The video of the history of NBC was a little generic but the pages were nice and we learned a lot. Seeing the studio where Brian Williams films the news was pretty cool but not nearly as cool as seeing MSNBC, home of Keith and Rachel! The only boring part of the tour was seeing the studio where some football show is filmed, of no interest to me whatsoever. The highlight was getting to go into the SNL studio. Knowing that SNL tickets are ultra hard to come by, this is pretty much the only time I'll ever see it. It was pretty cool to see the studio where the show tha...

Submitted by: Shanna P.

The NBC Studio Tour was kind of a waste of time. A lot of that time was spent watching a NBC short program, going up and down in crammed elevators, stopping in front of the Saturday Night Live's cast photos (from today and the first season) and waiting until someone in the group identified every actor, and getting photos taken and watching two people from our group act out a mini newscast with a green screen (which would be fun for kids, but the two volunteers were adults). Other than that, led by two NBC pages. we saw a control room, the set of Saturday Night Live (that was cool--it's much tinier than you'd imagine--but all of NBC's sets are copyrighted, so no pictures), and a segment on make-up. That's abo...


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