National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, District of Columbia

Tidal Basin, Washington, District of Columbia 20050

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Address: Tidal Basin, Washington, District of Columbia 20050

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Phone: 877- 442-5666
Hours: Mar-Apr. Exact dates and activities vary by year. For additional details, check schedule. More Info
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Submitted by: Linda S.

What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday.  Even with all the crowds the blossoms were beautiful and the weather was perfect.   Enjoyed the kids pavilion with all the activities - provided somethin...

Submitted by: Jean L.

DC awash in pink and white ambrosial bliss! Walking from the Washington Monument down and along the Tidal Basin, families and friends snapped photos of each other and for strangers. Kids climbed short trees to take Kodak moments. The sun peeked through just enough for both amateurs and professionals to shoot...

Submitted by: Erin D.

While the trees are indeed breathtaking, the main attractions are: *Tourists in front of you stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and getting upset when you then walk into them. *A stunning array of fanny packs and visors. *Children whose parents don't seem to want to take responsibility for their behavior. *A Metro trip clogged with the above, who get very defensive when you point out that they should be walking if they are on the left side of the escalator. You should also completely avoid the Sakura Matsuri (Japanese Street Festival).  The lines for some of the food booths were over a half an hour long, and there was nothing interesting among the retail vendors. If you want to see great cherry blossoms ...

Submitted by: Caitlyn S.

The Good: Cherry trees! Sunshine! Beautiful Jefferson Memorial! DC pride! The Bad: Tourists! Angry traffic directors! Traffic! Little children! The Ugly: Fanny packs.  Really, that's all. The Cherry Blossom Festival can be managed with the right maneuvering, and will certainly be enjoyed by Washingtonians and ...

Submitted by: Terri Y.

My review will focus on the parade.  I convinced my cousin to go see the parade with her three kids.  The parade goes down Constitution Ave and we took the Metro in, getting on at Dunn Loring and getting off at Federal Triangle.  We got there about an hour early which was perfect for getting a good street location.  I was happy that the crowds weren't bad at all.  I guess everyone was walking around the Tidal Basin. The parade consists of high school marching bands, a few celebrities (American Idol, Ms. American type contestants), cars, horses, cowboys, clowns, superheroes, and local kids.  We also saw some mascots for the Washington Nationals (they must be desperate for advertising since the team is in last...

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