Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

900 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90007

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Address: 900 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90007

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Phone: 213-763-3466
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30 am - 5 pm, Sat-Sun 10 am - 5pm
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Submitted by: Ticha B.

A Natural History Museum of LA County virgin no mas! This time around, instead of the Science Center, my nephew wanted to see the NHM. I've never been while my nephew has been to the NHM like 2x already. I didn't know there was a charge since the Science Center was free. I would definitely pay for the NHM ($12 for adult, $5 for children 5-12 and free for 4 and under). Loved this place. As an adult, I was totally amazed by the many exhibits, fossils, bones, the many restrooms (wherever you looked and in every corner), the cool museum as a whole. We were able to visit all the exhibits and the ones that still stick to my head are the dinosaur exhibit (totally awesome), the bird exhibits (I liked the small, almo...

Submitted by: Ellen C.

Lately, my son has been really into dinosaurs so we decided to make a trip out to NHM! My husband hadn't been there either so we were excited to check it out. The parking is really easy, and relatively inexpensive - $8 but they only take cash. The museum itself is really nice...

Submitted by: David A.

I was particularly excited to visit the NHM to see the new Dinosaur exhibit, since I am fascinated by the fact that the earth (and the air) was at one point inhabited by gigantic lizard-birds. We spent some time with the dinosaurs and followed up our tour by visiting the mammals, which is metaphorically appropriate, since the mammals big show on earth begin after the dinosaur extinction. We then made our way through the "fin whale passage" which is a large room dedicated to displaying a single fin whale skeleton. The "Insect Zoo" was pretty neat. They had a wide selection of insects and any one of them would make you lose your bowels if you stumbled upon it in the wild. The insects were sometimes difficult t...

Submitted by: R I.

Today, I went on a trip down memory lane & went to this museum the day before Thanksgiving an hour before it closed.  I've gone to this museum & the grounds numerous times when I was a child.  They've changed the exterior part a little by adding another parking area & the ability to enter the museum from the other side of the building as well.  The inside is just as I remembered it and I've always liked dinosaurs.  The dino exhibit was nice.  I wished I hadn't missed the spider exhibit that recently ended, but they had an insect area with quite a fw aquariums of insects and arachnids.  The mammals areas remained exactly the same since I was a child and brought back memories.  The gem and minerals exhibit was...

Submitted by: Robert M.

I have a photograph of me, age 6, in front of this museum with my first grade class.  This past weekend I took my son, age 6, to the aged taxidermied exhibits and the dinosaur bones... and we had a great time.  The dinosaur hall, the insect zoo, are more recent a...

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