New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana

724 Dumaine St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

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A unique tourist attraction only found in the French Quarter is the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, located between Bourbon and Royal Streets. Since 1972, curious visitors have gravitated to the small museum in New Orleans, Louisiana to learn about voodoo’s ancient religion and its culture, mysteries, history and folklore. Older kids and teens will be intrigued by the displays of wooden masks and portraits of famous priestesses or voodoo queens -- and perhaps a skull here and there -- depicting the ancient religion, which is a three-tiered spiritual system based on God, spirits and ancestors. Voodoo basically revolves around asking spirits and the dead to intercede in everyday affairs. The centuries-old religion made its way to New Orleans from West Africa, in what today is the Republic of Benin. In 1719, a group of Africans, called Fon, arrived in Louisiana, bringing with them their voodoo religion. With its deep roots in New Orleans, voodoo continues to be a part of many locals' lives. The museum’s founders, Jerry Gandolfo and his older brother Charles, opened the shop after gathering a hodgepodge of artifacts, such as horse jaw rattles, strings of garlic, statues of the Virgin Mary, yards of Mardi Gras beads, alligator heads, a clay jar for storing souls and the wooden kneeling board allegedly used by the greatest voodoo queen of all: New Orleans’ own Marie Laveau, who died in 1881. To this day, people visit her tomb to make their pleas. Her tomb is the highlight of the museum’s Voodoo-Cemetery Walking Tour, which also includes visits to Congo Square and St. Expedité. Tour participants will have a chance to meet and talk to a contemporary voodoo priestess. For those who want to take home their own voodoo keepsakes, the gift shop sells little bags of snake scales, dried chickenfeet and blank-faced dolls made of Spanish moss. Certainly, the Voodoo Museum is a one of New Orleans signature attractions.

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Address: 724 Dumaine St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

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Phone: 504-680-0128
Hours: Mon-Sun 10 am - 6 pm
Price: Adults: $7; Children under 12: $3.50; Seniors, Active Military & College Students: $5.50; High School Students: $4.50

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Submitted by: Michelle D.

Jeff R pretty much wrote my review! I would add that my friends and I stumbled upon this little museum and for $5 on a lazy afternoon, it was worth the visit. The guy at the door asked if I was afraid of snak...

Submitted by: Majikalmaiden L.

super place to visit when in NOLA.The comment about him being racist is a joke,the man is anything but,come'on,how could he be,look what religion he is practicing,lol...anyway was there in oct/nov 2010 for all hallows eve/all saints day.I visited him a few times during my stay  & ...

Submitted by: danielle n.

For $5 an entrance fee you are getting a lot of bang for your buck! This place is seriously cool and if you take your time you will have an awesome self guided tour. Gaze into the eyes of previous voodoo queens and doctors on the walls; photographs and paintings are plentiful. Marie Laveau (I & II)'s lives seems incredible.. I had not heard of them before visiting this place! Lots of altars and cool history to read about. We loved the voodoo dolls and various items throughout the two incredible rooms. Left an old Dodger's ticket on the altar for good luck- the table was filled with all sorts of crazy things people dropped there- old licenses, pictures of children, wishes on paper, a bottle of nail polish, co...

Submitted by: marlenee e.

Who would dare to write a negative review about a Voodoo establishment? Well, fortunately I only have positive things to say about this place (and probably be more careful with my jokes).   Although it is very small, it is really interesting.  The man who greeted us was very knowledgeable and before he shared us his lecture on Voodoo history, he spoke to us a long time about his pet snake which he was holding in his arms.  Being a sucker for animals, I was immediately taken in by the experience.  It was really cool and informative place and I highly recommend it. On my way out I bought a couple of charms for myself (for success and happiness) and some friends who are trying to have a baby (passion and fertil...

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